Apr. 4, 2016


 Hello folks,

Now that you know my idea, Im officially launching this site with my first posting!

Well, the time is now getting closer with each passing day.  The excitement I feel as I prepare myself to embark on this journey of a life time is also building. The days are flying by, and there is still so much I want and need to do before I hit the road in early May!

Just so you know, or in case you’ve wandered how this idea was born, I first thought about it as I laid in bed last October. Like many of the things that I often imagine in my head when I can’t fall asleep, some outlandish and some more reserved, I thought about being able to say that working in every state in the union would be a noble accomplishment.  However, I thought, that is not that farfetched anymore, with the facility of being able to travel long distances in our day. I’m sure, I pondered, many could lay claim to such an endeavor.  How then could I add twist to this idea? And make it my own?

Well I figured many have worked in all fifty states, but probably doing the same line of work. Sales, maintenance, travel based jobs, and such. Also working for the same company or preforming the same trade, a person could accomplish this task relatively easily. Pre-determined jobs, contracted, or lined up days, weeks or months in advance, is the way most people earn money on the road.

But what if I were too just hit the states, one at a time and simply survive on the internet with daily posting from Craigslist sites, I thought. Just on a wing and a prayer, and using all my skills to acquire any work available that day, on any given city or community! Just enough to eat, sleep, and fill my tank with fuel, sufficient enough to get me to the next stop. Of course, when I got up to drink my coffee, I took it as just another crazy idea, like so many I’ve had in my life time, including moving to Hawaii a couple years back!

But the more I thought about it, the more unique it seemed. The allure of being on the road, meeting new people, visiting friends, family and destination points excited me. The more I pondered the trip, the more I convinced myself of the possibility of taking it on. What prevented me from such an adventure, I reasoned. The kids are grown and gone, I thought, and the wife is too! So here I am! Ready to sail away on the sea of black top waves. The decision was made last November, so now the timeline had to be arranged. Weather of course being the primary factor.

So I announced the trip idea to my kids, family and my two trusted employees. Im sure it sounded like a nutty fieldtrip to them, back in the fall, but I was dead serious about the whole thing! As always, they humored me, and probably blew it off as a passing thrill of a middle aged Mexican dreamer!

But my firm belief is anyone can accomplish almost anything, if the approach it whole heartedly, with faith and determination!

Truth be told however, I have had my moments of doubt and anxiety. Some sleepless nights and the thoughts of “what the hell am I getting myself into”, have shaken me at times. After all, the tour is totally unscripted and spontaneous, for the most part. Success is not guaranteed, and the possibility of failure is high, I think.

For one, I still have bills to pay while I’m on the road. Not all gigs pay well, nor am I guaranteed to score them when I need to. I could break down, since my truck is not new. I could crash, get robbed, get sick or even wear out from the 12,000 miles I plan to travel. It could take a toll on me physically, and emotionally. All these are the things that I have considered the past few month, as I prepare for my journey! But have no fear friends, nothing worth accomplishing comes without some risk ,and certainly some, if not a lot of hard work and personal sacrifice. The payoff is well worth the effort, I believe!

So now my focus is to finish up some current jobs, get in better shape for the road, and try to entice some sponsors for some supplies for my trip!

Until my next posting, my friends! Have a good night!