Apr. 6, 2016


Hello Friends, Juanjohn again!

Although I’ve been looking forward to this adventure since November, the time has now arrived for me to make some serious preparations.  I have a huge list in my head of all the things I need to do before I hit the asphalt for the next few months. Without boring you with logistical details, I broke them up in three main categories.

To begin with, I need to be prepared mentally, physically, and financially. To be able to sustain myself through the anticipated grind of this trip. I catch myself thinking of all the great fun and excitement this journey will bring me, forgetting at times that it’s a WORKING tour! So lest begin with the mental aspects of this voyage.

For the most part, I consider myself pretty level headed and even tempered. Although some might disagree! We won’t mention who! I handle stress, I believe, better than most.  Hence the lack of grey hairs! Just kidding! I do have to admit I get easily frustrated when Im over worked.

 Still, a lot of emotions make up our mental state. This is a highly emotional endeavor that Im taking on, and I’ve been walking on the clouds for months, waiting for the time to come for me to leave. Just ask my close friends and family! I don’t shut up when someone ask me about my trip. They’re probably sick and tired of hearing about ‘Gigs’, and want me just to leave already! But seriously, being away from my circle of loved ones here in Tucson, especially my youngest son, Jonathan, and my sister Angela, will be rough. They are my biggest supporter in this adventure. I will also miss my companion of the last eleven months, Kalani. My beloved toy puddle!

Then there is the road. I’ve always loved to travel, but I’m not very fond of being on the road for too long. That doesn’t make sense? You might wonder. Fact of the matter is, I prefer to fly, when I go places. But since this is a ROAD trip, I have to be ready for the twelve or so thousand miles I plan to cover in my truck. Also, I love to sleep in my own bed, with my own pillows and sheets.  That going to be hard to adjust to. I plan to pack a tent and camping gear, but believe me folks, if I have a choice, Im staying at the Embassy suites! Im too old to rough it, if I don’t have to. Also think about this.

Imagine having to get up every day, like I plan to do, and not know what kind of job Im going to be doing! Or if any. Not earning money can be a stress. I could be a thousand miles from home, with no money. Although Im not the depressed type, that might wear on me, if things get rough. I also tend to be a bit over confident at times, trusting that my multiple skills, charm, and talents will land me a gig whenever I roll into any given city or state. But the reality might be different. There may be some close-knit communities perhaps, which might not take a liking to strangers showing up unannounced in their area, seeking to take their jobs. Especially a loud mouth, conceded Mexican like me! Just saying. I have to be realistic. I might end up at the local Home depot parking lot with Pedro and Pablo, settling for a day labor opportunity.

Then not all jobs pay well either. Some people who post these gigs tend to be cheap and frugal, not appreciating the value of hard work.  Some folks can’t afford some high priced service company, or contractor, like ‘Angieslist’. So they use Craigslist or other sites to find a more affordable tradesman, like me, looking to make an extra buck. They often shop for the lowest bidder, then many times get what they paid for. So mentally, I have to ready myself for anything that comes my way. That’s par for this course amigos!

Im signing off now my friends. Tomorrow I’ll chat about the physical aspects. I have to get up early and go to the gym!   Good night, Juanjohn