Apr. 7, 2016


Greeting friends,

I hope everyone had a good day! I worked all day installing a putting green down the street here in my home, Oro Valley. Yesterday I began talking about the needed preparations for my trip. I wrote a bit about the mental aspects of the journey, and tonight the physical.

I for the most part of my adult life, I have kept in decent shape. Now that I’m 54, the dividends have paid off, I believe. Still the desire and effort needed to maintain a solid physical disposition comes at a greater sacrifice as one ages. My body now takes longer to recover from those long, hard days doing what I do. I can’t seem to bounce back the way I used to, even from just a few years back.

The fact is I’ve only slowed down the aging process, not stopped it! Hence, my desire to fulfill this journey while I’m still in one piece! I don’t and haven’t always ate the correct way. Like most people I suppose, I try to balance the good with the bad. But oh, the bad can be sooo good!

I don’t have an addicted personality, so being hooked on something has never been a problem for me. I’ve been able to keep the excessive weight off, never passing the 205lb mark with my 5’11” frame.

So now with this journey in the works, I vowed to lose twenty or so pounds for the trip. I wanted to get down to 180 or less before I departed. I started a high protein diet back in March, and have lost about 8lbs to date. With four weeks to go, I doubt I will hit my goal. I plateaued, and I can’t seem to shake off the rest. I believe with the stress and fatigue the road will provide, being in the best physical shape possible will be an asset for me, as the weeks and miles on the road accumulate. After all, I expect to be on the road driving more hours than working, at some points. I decided to drive only daylight hours, if possible. And NEVER, when I’m exhausted from a day’s work or play.  So once again, being fit will do me good down the road. No pun intended!

I love to work out at the gym, but lately I’ve been so busy working 10 or more hours a day, and six or seven days a week. When you’re self-employed, you have get when it comes. Plus the ‘Juanjohn’ is always in high demand in these parts! So I haven’t had much time or energy left for the workouts, after working out all day in the sun.

But really when it come to my diet and exercise plan, fatigue is not my biggest obstacle in my path to obtaining a better physical condition, its eating!

I could, and I have in the past controlled what I consume, but it’s a challenge. And many of you can relate to suppose. I revamped my fridge and pantry when I started this diet, but after a month of eating Salmon, chicken, oatmeal, veggies, and coconut milk every day, I miss my Lucky charms and doughnuts!

I have a huge appetite, and I just plain like to eat! I have no problems eating whats on the diet, just not the portion size. Im always hungry and that growling in my tummy is always roaring when I’m out and about! So I suppose I’ll just have to settle for lower expectations, when it come to my weight goals. And then there’s this issue I have to consider.

I always been healthy over all, meaning no high sugar, heart or lung issues. I never smoked, ok one joint back in the day! And drink only socially.  I never had any major illnesses throughout my adult life, except for getting stoned!

By that I mean Kidney stones! I suffer from those dreaded pebbles using the space between my kidney and bladder as a super highway! Doing cartwheels all the way to the exit point, if you know what I mean! And if you’ve never experienced, or are not familiar with this chronic condition, you have no idea the pain and discomfort those calcium stars wreak on a person’s body!  I just spent a night last week in the hospital, recovering from a bout!

THAT, my friends is one of my greatest worries with this this adventure! I’ve gone two or more years without an episode, but have had three the last 18 months, and let me tell you, there is no worst pain a person can physically experience. I just prone to them, the doctor said, and will have to endure them the rest of my life. I just pray and keep my fingers crossed I don’t have an episode on the road.

So I believe these are the major physical aspects of my trip. God forbid, I break a bone or two, fall sick, throw out my back, or get the cooties from some Cajun queen, Georgia peach, or Texas tornado along the way! I wish! ;).  Tomorrow we talk about da money!

Good night yah all!