Apr. 9, 2016


Hello Guys and Gals,

Today is such a beautiful day here in Arizona!  I hope everybody is having a nice Saturday where you live. We don’t get rain too often, so we enjoy every drop the good Lord bestows on us desert dwellers!

My sister Angela just left my home here in Oro Valley, after spending her afternoon doing a photo shoot with me and my tools. She is a professional photographer and a very creative individual. I will be posting some new pictures tomorrow, after she photo shops them a bit. She has to remove all the ugly, and wrinkly portions of my battered, sun baked mug!  I think you’ll like them.

As I mentioned briefly on my Idea page, Im trying to garner some local media attention here in Tucson for my trip. Easier said than done Im discovering. After a dozen or so calls and e-mails, the response has been luke warm up to this point. There still is time left, and I hope to hear back from some before I depart.  However I have heard back from the Dollar Shave Club, and the Spanish Newspaper La Estrella. I also received an invitation to appear on the Spanish channel Azteca for a short segment a one of their talk shows! I will be taping on the 23rd of April. I’ll keep you posted.

Which brings me to the subject of the day. The Latin angle. I promised myself from the beginning that this Blog, this adventure, and entire experience will be for the sole propose of entertainment! I do not want to venture in to the political, social, or religious realms with my audience. As important and relevant as those and other topics are, they represent exactly what I hope my journey provides. An escape for some of my followers! We as a nation, in my opinion are constantly bombarded by so much of that stuff, that it robs us of much of the everyday joys in life. Even the most popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are now mostly filled with one if not all of these topics constantly. It sucks all the beauty and fun out of people.

That being said, I am a person of Latino descent and I do speak fluently, read and write in both languages. My reaching out to Spanish outlets and writing a Spanish blog is simply to attract a larger following. The Hispanic community, again in my opinion, is lagging behind a bit with this type of communication venue. Namely blogging. That is the reason I chose to use my ability to write a dual language format. No other reason.

I also have many relatives in Mexico who do not have the means or the legal ability to freely travel in this great country, so they can see and experience a lot of America along with me if they chose to follow me on my journey!  

I know that if I am successful with my adventure, some may point to the fact that a LEGAL Mexican immigrant, like myself, can be proudly celebrated for the accomplishment! Especially in lieu of the current political climate experienced by many immigrants in this era.  However, I would take greater pride and satisfaction with such a feat if I was recognized for overcoming the challenge as a person or citizen of this world, as opposed to a person of a select color or heritage! I’m proud to be from Nogales, Sonora Mexico, but that does not define me as a person. Good or bad, my character does, and should.

Well, that’s just what I feel deep inside. Feel free to chime in at any time, I really hope to start a dialog with you good folks. Have a wonderful evening, and stay safe!

Adios amigos, Juanjohn