May. 1, 2016


Hello friends,

I hope all had a good day today. It was a wonderful Sunday here in the desert southwest. This wacky weather were having all over the country has me worried a tiny bit! Nevertheless the countdown continues to wind down. Now I have only have three full days to get all my loose ends tie-up. I spent the whole day sorting my tools and rigging a box for my truck to store them in. I went shopping yesterday and bought my camping gear and survival items for the trip. A new tent and sleeping bag for Juan!

I had some repairs to do here in this house I’ve been renting since I got back from Hawaii. It was a nice place to stay with plenty of room for me and my girl Kalani Kai! Also has a nice pool and courtyard for me to chill after a long day at work. I won’t live in the desert anymore without a pool! The summers in Arizona are too darn hot!

I received a call from Spanish television network Univision on Friday and they will be here tomorrow to conduct an interview in the front courtyard. If Im fortunate, the story it could go national! Im excited about the coverage from the Latin nation media outlets, hopefully it will boast my Spanish blog a bit more. Im fluent in both languages, but my Spanish writing needs some work. Even more than my English! I hope by the end of the tour both pages will be more polished. Practice, practice!

As I promised last post I will lighten the mood now that I’m done with my bio. Im getting really excited and nervous by the day! I can’t believe that’s its really going to happen now soon! It started so simple, as just a passing thought on a sleepless night back in October! But what really makes me feel so good inside is all the positive feedback, goodwill, and well wishes that I continue to receive, not just from my family and friends but also from complete strangers! The love has been humbling and greatly appreciated by yours truly.

Now these are the pictures of my four grandbabies I promised you! I don’t get to see them too often since they live in California, but I make it a point to go there at least twice a year.

They all belong to my oldest son Anthony and his wife Melina. The oldest is Isaiah, 15 years old and a freshman in high school. He is super smart and the local spelling bee champ! I could definitely use his help with this blog! He is shy and quiet most of the time and is a great help with his younger brothers. I don’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but with his brain, the world will be his oyster!

Next is Josiah, he would have been six this year, but is resting eternally in our hearts and minds, never to be forgotten. We miss him so.

Then there is Jordan, he is two. I call him ‘Chiclets’, because of his toothy smile! He is a character and looks a lot like my youngest Jonathan. He likes when I visit because I feed him all the forbidden foods when his mom is not watching. That’s our little secret! He is about to walk, so watch out world!

Finally there is Jaden. He just turned one and is a handsome, happy baby! And he definitely has the hair gene, on both sides of the family! He’s a big boy, so nobody better mess with his brothers, or else!

I keep waiting for a granddaughter someday, but I think these kids are done. I’ll just have to wait for Vanessa or Jonathan to step up to the plate!

Well folks that’s all for tonight, Im a bit worn out from the day and working on only a few hours of sleep.

As a special bonus, I included a picture of my little girl Kalani, and a video on my video page!

Good night and thanks for your time. Asta!



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