May. 8, 2016

Off day!

Good day to all,

I hope you’re with your mother today, if not then maybe thinking of her. We lost our mother two years ago and we all miss her tremendously. She would be worried out of her mind if she were alive and seeing me take on this adventure.

“Mijo, I don’t understand? Why do you have to go all over the country just to find work? Did you piss off everybody around here and now no one will hire you?”

She might have said that to me as I prepared for this trip!

Im in Nevada now and taking a day of rest coming out of Arizona. After my first gig on Friday, I ended up taking another gig in Scottsdale with a man name Brandon. He hired me and a couple of other guys to dig holes and plant trees in his huge back yard. Boy was it exhausting!  The weather was actually pleasant but the terrain was very difficult. We worked from ten to seven and we didn’t stop all day, only to eat the lunch that Brandon so generously provided.

I hit the road late. Tired and dirty I headed for Kingman, 197 miles away. I stopped at a Wickenburg Denny’s for dinner and got to my destination at eleven pm. At the Sinclair truck stop on the 93 I washed up a bit, drank a hot chocolate, pulled out my pillow and slept in my truck.  At five am I awoke to the sound of a dozen diesel trucks warming up and grabbed my bags to shower inside.

The truck stop has quite a set up for travelers, weather they haul freight, buses or just random nuts like me! The facilities were amazing and I was surprised how clean, helpful and friendly the staff was. The best $13 shower I ever took! I plan to use these type of places more often as I continue on. The drawback of course is sleeping in my truck. It sucked! Im sore all over and didn’t get much rest after two hard worked days. Oh well, that all part of the adventure!

I crossed the state line at seven am and took my time visiting the Hoover dam. I took a few pics that I will post and if you’ve never seen it in person, the dam is an engineering marvel.

Im in Las Vegas now and am staying at a less expensive off the strip hotel for the night. I’ve been doing laundry, resting and perusing the CL for work tomorrow, but the pickings are slim. I have forty dollars to spend on a Buffet or to take my chances at a Blackjack table! What to do?

So until next time friends, I hope to post next time with my second gig!

Good night, Juanjohn