May. 11, 2016


Hello friends,

I write you this Wednesday morning from Salt Lake City. I hope all are doing well. I’m I little sore, not from working but form yesterday’s visit to Zion National park in southern Utah.

I rolled out of St. George at 11am yesterday and deicide to take a detour to nearby Zion. I had always wanted to visit and it was on my must see places on this journey. Boy was it worth the time! If you have never visited this natural wonder, put it on your list. Hailing from the Grand Canyon state myself and being familiar with that beautiful place and having visited another of this country’s gems, Yosemite Valley, Zion would be a love child of these two wonders if they decided to mate!  Pictures of course don’t do it justice, if you’re into this type of adventure. Still I was in awe! I added some pics to my gigs album if you want to take a peek.

Now Im about a week in to this journey and I just responded to a couple of gigs here in the state capital. Im playing the waiting game, hoping they respond. Even though I’ve only worked two days since Friday, Im still pretty much on schedule, assuming I score a job or two the next two days. I had figured all along a minimum of four working days, two travel days and a rest day to explore whatever area I find myself in, per week. I’ve traveled almost nine hundred miles since I left Tucson last Thursday morning. That in itself is not a lot of miles, but for a guy like me, who is use to spending all day on my feet, the truck seat is getting a bit old! I suppose my body has to adjust to the prolonged seating position. That is why I brought my gym clothes and running shoes to try to offset the road fatigue.

 I also find myself eating way too much junk food and sweet snacks on the run. Not a good pattern Im developing. I need to eat more fruit and veggies like I’m used to. I think I gained a few pound already on this trip just by not working my normal six day week. That I also have to watch, my weight!

I’ve also been keeping an eye on the national weather scene. I plan to head right into the center of the storm sometime next week after I get done with Utah and Colorado. Tornado alley as it’s known, is in full season now and my truck is not storm proof!

Until next time folks, I hope to be working the next few days. Have a good rest of the week and thanks for checking in!