May. 12, 2016


Hello friends,

How are all doing on this Thursday evening? I hope you all had a good day at work like I did! Finally after five days I scored a gig in this beautiful state of Utah. Whew! It took a while but I just got back from a long day of laboring on a 7,000 ft. mountain top cabin community here in northern Utah.

Im currently staying a couple nights in a Ski resort in the old Olympic village in Park City. The room was a complimentary gift thanks to my cousin Louis Bayardo, a hotel manager in Santa Fe. He pulled some strings and wallah!  The Juanjohn had a place to lay his head! Good thing because a gig in this state was becoming a chore to find. The manger Jason and his staff here at the All Seasons, have been wonderful and the place is right at the base of the ski runs, with a beautiful view to boot!

So this morning I reported to work at a large cabin under construction. I will be working there tomorrow also, to make up for lost income this week, before I move on to Colorado this Saturday. I will officially post all the details of the gig on my Gigs countdown page tomorrow or Saturday morning.

I have to check out tomorrow, so I’ll be camping nearby the next two nights as I work my way east to Grand Junction, Co. I won’t have the Wi-Fi capabilities handy, so I apologize in advance if I delay my posting. I have to find a Wendy’s or Starbucks to log-in with their free service. I have to go to sleep now, for the early morning digging that awaits me! I will write you a more through and complete story of how this gig came to be on the next posting. Complete with pictures and a bio of Rex, the man who hired me.

Until then folks, have a safe and wonderful night.

Thanks for your support,