May. 15, 2016


Hello friends,

Im finally back on line. No Wi-Fi in the campsites hampers my ability to be consistent with my postings. I appreciate your patience.

Im writing you from western Colorado in Grand Junction. I’m on my way to Denver where I expect not to have as much trouble to find work as I did in Utah. I’ve been looking at the postings in advance and see plenty of gigs posted on a daily basis. The climate is all conducive for outside projects and the spring planting season is still ongoing.

I came away in awe of the whole Utah experience, at least what I saw from my path. The deserts and mountains were amazing and being from the Arizona desert, I had never seen so many lakes, rivers and streams running with snow melt! Im sure there is so much more to see as I continue forward.

On a personal note, it still leaves me a little empty not being able to share all this newness and beauty with anyone in person. Still Im grateful for being able to share it with all you who take the time to follow me and check in on my progress! I also am getting use to my new routine of being on the road constantly. I am a man who is use to a steady, normal routine back home and now I feel like I’m living almost hour to hour. No matter how much I planned and envisioned this trip, I couldn’t plan for the emotional and mental aspects of the daily stress of looking and finding work. I have to remind myself often I’m only just beginning and that I have to be strong no matter what comes at me on a daily basis. Does that make sense? Just my thoughts at the moment.

I suppose the stress a person goes through when they are looking for work no matter where they live or what circumstances they find themselves in is a tremendous strain on the soul. I don’t have any dependent children anymore and I volunteered for this adventure, so I can’t imagine having others depend on me for support.

Well friends thank you for your support and I hope I won’t delay too much with my next post. I also downloaded more pictures and a video on my gigs album and pic page.

Have a good Sunday.