May. 28, 2016


Good morning Friends,

I finally scored my Oklahoma gig yesterday with great relief. Overall I came away happy with the gig and finally got to do something with my other skills. Carpentry is one of my favorite things to do and the weather was quite agreeable. Although the guys I was working for and with struggled a little more with the ninety degree temperature than I did. That, I explained was a pleasant day in Arizona, where I hail from. These good fellas wouldn't last a week in Tucson, where the Juanjohn has spent years working in hundred degrees plus days. 

I have to say the CL posting were few in Oklahoma and I was fortunate to connect with Mike. I suppose some regions of the country are more in tuned to the CL method than others, I finding out. I spent more time there than I wanted to, and the expense of sitting and waiting for something to materialize is getting a bit nerve racking. I almost bolted for Texas on the third day, but I hung on for one more day and it paid off! Also the weather at times was a concern but fortunately the worst of it missed me by a few miles. 

I also continue to make new friends wherever I go, including here in OKC. Along with Mike M who hired me, I had the pleasure of working with a local man, Alan S. who assisted me for the job. We had a lot in common and shared many stories, laughs and water bresks. Having good people to work with always makes the load lighter and the day go quickly. The lady of the house, Phyllis, who's daughter owns the property was very friendly, pleasant and interesting to get to know ! I also want to send a shout out to the friendly guy who was working inside, for loaning me his chalk line!

Im greatful to all for the experience and hope that the goodwill continues for me as I move forward. My laptop is still down and I have to figure out what I'm going to do about that. I plan to stay a few days here in Dallas with Vanessa, my daughter, while I work on that issue.

Thanks for your support and interest with my adventure! Have a good weekend.



31.05.2016 16:07


Hey there. Nice blogging. I thought of something to that might help, as I know you want to hit all the states. My elderly aunt lives in Augusta Ga and if you find yourself there contact me.

31.05.2016 16:17

Juan Bayardo

Why thank you! I'm pretty open to places I've never been, so I will take you up on it 😊