Jun. 5, 2016


Good morning Friends, 

After last week with my daughter in Dallas I find myself here in the beautiful city of San Antonio. I'm staying with my friend Cathy V from my hometown of Tucson. She and I go way back to our high school days and she has lovingly allowed me to stay with her a few days. Cathy, a member of the world famous, all woman, "Las Llorona's" club, is a wonderful hostess!

We spent yesterday seeing the sights, including the famed Riverwalk and the historic mission, the Alamo. She took me to breakfast at a local Mexican restaurant, although good, I'm yet to find any restaurant that can match my hometown Sonoran style cuisine. We did dine at Big Lu's Burgers, and it was a top notch meal. The burger, fries and onion rings were awesome. Then we ended the day at the Marble Slab creamery. My chocolate chip mint with pecans on a fudge covered cone treat was boss!

So now I'm sipping my cup of Joe as I check the local CL for work today.  The weather has finally settled down and I'm ready for a full week of work! I hear the heat back in Arizona is extreme, which I don't miss at all, but I will deal with the humidity here in Texas.

Have a good day everyone, and stay safe. I'll check back in Soon!