Jun. 15, 2016

Texas size roll

Hello friends, 

I hope all is well wherever you call home. I know it's been a tough week for all, even  I was a bit distracted by the sad events in the FLA.

I finally write you from east of the mighty Mississippi River. I just set up camp here in New Orleans, LA. and I'm already dying from the humidity as I search for a gig for tomorrowork.

First of all I want to send a shout out to my daughter Vanessa in Dallas and my good friend Cathy in San Antonio, for making my Texas experience such a memorable one! I ate and drank in some pretty good places and enjoyed sleeping in a nice bed for a change. There was so much more to do and see in the Lone star state, but time and money are in short supply theses days. After all, this is a working tour!

The job I picked up in San Antonio paid well, but it took me longer than I expected and boy was the heat and humidity something from another world. I'm not used to this kind of climate. Even the locals said it was extreme and unusual. I don't believe I've sweated like that in my entire life! I felt like and looked like someone doused me with a ice bucket challenge, minus the Ice! Not even 30 minutes into each day, I was soaked from every inch of my body, right down to my choneees and socks! I drank gallons and gallons of water and Powerades, but to no avail.

Now as you well know by now I'm from the land of extreme temperatures  in Arizona. But this is far worse for me than the dry heat. So now I have to sucked it up and prepare for possibly worse conditions as I cover the costal southern states the rest of the month. Also the mosquitos and heat exhaustion are a concern. So on with the survival aspects of my journey.

I'm still having problems downloading more pics and videos to this site, but I will hopefully get my technical issues solved asap.I will check in soon, hopefully from Mississippi with some good news.

Stay cool, I know the heat wave is everywhere, and thanks for your support and interest with my journey!