Jun. 19, 2016


Hello friends, 

I hope everyones enjoying their Sunday and Fathers day. I write you now from a McDonald's in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. After spending a day and a half along the coastal towns of Gulfport and Biloxi, I headed up the inland after not finding much work there locally. But first I wanted to close out my experience in Louisiana.

First one, it was on my list of places I've always wanted to see. It is a world of its own. The scenery changed immediately as I drove out of Houstonowhere and east Texas. The green grass, thick forest and swaplands didn't disappoint. Once I got off my truck of course, I could feel the heavy, humid air fill my lungs! I headed to New Orleans and rented a campground site to start my gig search. 

As I drove around the city it is a good blend of old and new, kept and unkept. Just an observation. Being a contractor myself, I loved the architecture, layout and building technics used in that old city. The huge trees and mom and pop food joints are everywhere! I ate at a place called Dot's diner and the breakfast was great. Folks were all friendly and the pace of the city seemed slower than most big cities I've been to. I went down to the French Quarter my last day and just walked around for a while. No time for partying on this tour, but I will return someday with more time and money! Still the climate was for me the only drawback. The more I venture into the southland, the more I appreciate the dry heat! It was a short and sweet visit, but I was glad it worked out in the end.

On the other hand, things here in Mississippi started out rough! Yesterday I walked along the shoreline in Gulfport and Biloxi after not securing any work. I found a group of people casting nets into the bay for shrimp. I was fascinated as my own uncle back in Mexico use to support his family the same way. I befriended a family who let me take pictures and they even let me take a shot with the Net! It was a good memory for the tour. 

But as I got to the campsite nearby and set myself up for the night, I felt that old familiar pain of my kidney stones acting up again! As you may remember from my preparation blog, it  is a concern for me. Actually I had felt the onset back a couple days ago and tried to do the necessary things to try to offset them, like plenty of water and electrolytes. But to no avail.

I already know the routine and it's not fun. If you are familiar with these star shaped rocks that trickle down the most unpleasant way possible, then you can relate to my situation. I loaded up with pain relief and huddled in my tent the rest of the afternoon and evening and did my best to bear the pain without having to go to the nearby emergency room. On top of that, a pretty strong storm hit the area overnight with heavy rains and kept me in the tent till the morning. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep and thankle  God for the thunder that downed out my own wails! 

I guess it can be a combination of the road, the heavy jobs I've been doing, the stress and mostly the intense heat I've been exposed to that can all affect my condition. I woke up better, just a bit sore and drained from the shock to the body. I hope I can continue to endure the physical aspects of the journey as a go forward with my tour. 

Well back to my water bottle and my job hunt. Thanks for your support and have a great day.