Jun. 22, 2016


Good morning friends,

I hope all are well and dealing with the heat wave. I arrived in Florida late last night after a long drive from Moblie, Alabama.

After leaving Louisiana on Saturday afternoon I spent the last three and a half days in Mississippi and Alabama looking for gigs. From my last post in Hattiesburg, I moved on to Moblie on Monday after finding very little to work with in both states. I aready expected the situation to be difficult in these smaller, less populated areas. I came again to the point where I had to make a move. Looking at the map, I decided to press forward to greener pastures here in St. Petersburg. I figured I can swing by the northen parts of these two states as I came through Tennessee and Arkansas later on. I hope to have better success the second time around.

The area was stll beautiful and the very much how I imangined it would look like from all the pictures and movies I had seen about the south. Of course I only got a small view and Im sure there is so much more to see and do. Stll I already could see and feel the uniqueness of each state once I crossed those invisible borders. Even if from the outside everything seems the same, I could sense the difference between New Orleans, Biloxi and Moblie. Althought there is some similarities with the food, music and climates. There is no end to the endless resturants and churches that seem to be on every road and street corner. The paces is also slower and the folks keep a bit more to themselves. I was befriended by a very nice, older man named Frank, at the Meaher State campground, who just walked up to me and chatted a while about his trip and mine. I love just being able to meet new people everyday wheather at work or just when Im just hanging out. I local, he said he had never been to the west coast in all of his seventy-five years of life, but was looking forward to a planned trip to California next year. He though I was a former military man, based on my set up and efficiency. He was impressed with my operation and logistical approach to my tour. I also found my first gator in Moblie bay, not far from my tent sight! But the ants in my tent proved to be a greater problem than the gator.

So I will now spend a few days here with my old friend from school, Yolanda. Helping her out with some home repairs as I look for a gig on the CL. There are plenty of ads posted daily, so a gig here should be easy. Knock on wood!

Have a good day and thanks for checking in!