Jul. 1, 2016

Sipping a frozen drink

Hello friends, I hope all are well, especially in my hometown of Tucson where the Monsoons rains have began. Stay out of the flooded washes and roads! 

I'm just finishing up three days of painting my friends Yolie's home here in St Pete. I have gotten up early every day to beat the heat, but there's no relief from the heat and humidity in this area. And the locals say that the worse is yet to come! I can't imagine it any more miserable than this. Even in the shade, the air seems suffocating. I'm constantly guzzling water by the gallons trying to stay hydrated. I don't know how these folks put up with these conditions. It takes some getting used to I suppose.

I don't think I've ever seen so much grass and trees anywhere in the USA. A person can make a good living out here with just a mower and a gas can! And the yards are huge too! A riding mower seems better suited for the task. A desert rat like me is not used to all this green stuff everywhere. The beaches and waterfront resorts along with the bars and restaurants are really nice. The waters still seem to be a bit on the warm side, not very appealing in this heatwave, and not as clear and clean as the Pacific Ocean. Namely Hawaii, California and the Mexican coastline that I grew up visiting. Although here in Florida, the waters are a big improvement from the Gulf Coast areas I just visited last month. That water was ugh! Just saying.

I had a funny thing happened this morning at the nearby donut shop. The chain store will remain anonymous, but it does rhyme with pumpkin! I woke up early and it seemed very Florida to just slip into my flip-flops and jump in the truck to go and grab a cup of coffee and a couple donuts to start the day. As I stood in front of the counter deciding which baked delight to purchase, I felt something crawling on my bare toes! Not expecting anything like that inside the store, it scared the heck out of me as I frantically shook it off! It was a huge cocaracha, and I stomped it to death with my sandal! The young lady saw my reaction and wondered what was happening. I told her and showed her the crushed pest on the floor. She was quite embarrassed by the event. I stood there wondering weather to proceed with my purchase or not, as the manager scooped up the remains with a towel. I decided to buy a couple chocolate treats much to the relief of the staff. I suppose it's probably a common thing here in the swaplands of the south! I already have to put up with the ants and mosquitos!

Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe wherever you are! Thanks for your interest and support.