Jul. 8, 2016

Mexican food in Augusta

Good morning Friends, 

I write you this morning from my motel room here in Columbia, South Carolina. I arrived last night after completing my gig in Augusta, GA. I am happy that I was able to score the job so quickly. I pray that the road ahead continues to be as successful.

I wish I had more time to explore the city and state more thoroughly.  It was a beautiful place to visit with plenty of history and points to interest. But unfortunately time is money and it seems that the only time I have a chance to see the sights is when I am waiting on a pending gig. Still I'm enjoying the thrill of seeing new place for the first time and making new friends along the way! 

One thing I'm discovering is that aside from the culture and physical differences that separate us, people from one side of the country to another all share the same human qualities. Good and bad people exist everywhere. The hopes, fears and dreams we all possess reside in the heart, not the area we live in. I realize that there is many issues that still separate people, having driven through quite a few economically challenged areas in all the states I've visited. But the opportunity for most of us to make our life what we want it to be still exist in this country. I'm living the dream myself.

So long for now friends, I have to get my butt looking for a job! Thanks for taking the time to check in.