Jul. 9, 2016


Good morning Friends, 

Just checking in from the local coffee shop here in Greenville, South Carolina. I left Columbia yesterday after not seeing too much activity there on my first day in the state. I drove up the seventy-two miles to Greenville, hoping for greener pastures! Unfortunately the scene here is not much better as I write you. Some of the problems I think is weather related. A series of thunderstorms have moved in the area the last few days, and that surely puts a damper on peoples plans. Also the heatwave is still relentless and no end is in sight. It rained all night and I awoke to a soggy and muddy campsite. Im hoping something pops up this morning, in the meantime I plan to head out to the local Home Depot and see if I can latch on to someone for the day. On top of my struggle for work, I seemed to have developed an eye infection with my left eye, which leaves me looking like I was up all night or in a fist fight! It's not a pleasant way to show up to work a gig or to beg for work at the H.D. I don't have any antibiotics to take, so I hope it clears up soon.

I wanted to express my recent  mood so you can get a idea of what I've been dealing with in my head. I noticed that I have developed a pattern with my emotional disposition every time I struggle to find work. I won't say that it's depression, but I seem to get a bit down every time I enter these smaller, less populated states.

Already sensing that I will have a rough time scoring a gig in these areas, like I did in Mississippi and Alabama, I'm finding it difficult to shake off the gloomy feelings I get as I scan the CL lists. Coming out of the work rich states like Texas and Florida, I'm riding on a cloud, only to then hit a emotional wall once I arrive in states like this.

Don't get me wrong, there is posting in every community, but the bigger the population, the better my chances. Another issue I failed to consider is my unique situation. In other words, even posting that might otherwise suit me under normal circumstances, fall to others simply because of my time frame. If I were a local I would obviously score many more gigs. But because I only have a day or two to commit to a project, I exclude myself out of many opportunities. From my financial stand point it's not feasible for me to extend my stay when I am only making enough money to camp and gas up. I don't have unlimited resources to be able to wait for something better  to materialize.

I also realize that my normal routine has been altered since I began my journey. I knew it would, and now its affecting me physically and mentally. I haven't worked out much,  after years of regular training. I just can't afford the twenty plus dollars they charge for daily use at the local gyms. That money needs to be used for gas and lodging right now. 

My diet has also been disrupted drastically. Outside the healthier meals I shared with my hostesses, Vanessa, Cathy and Yolie, my on the road diet is not what my body is used to. High protein meats and plenty of vegetables are missing. I fallen into the fast food trap. Too much fried and processed junk. My muscle tissue is disappearing and my energy level is at an all time low. My sleep and rest periods are not complete or satisfying, especially the camping and truckstop parking lots. Still I'm enjoying the good aspects of this adventure and will press forward.

Well thats my mood today. I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe and I'll stay positive. I promise! Thank you for your precious time and support.