Jul. 20, 2016


Hello friends,

I hope everyones doing well this Wednesday morning. I write you today from Newport News, Virginia. I apologize for not keeping up lately with the postings. The pace really got accelerated this past weekend in North Carolina and West Virginia! That's a good thing I guess.

Now I am here with my cousin Fina, her husband Mark and their two kids. They just purchased a home in the area and have invited me to stay. I am looking forward to helping them with some upgrades, while they allow me to stay with them as I continue to work on my tour. I plan to complete this state and possibly the Capital city of Washington DC, just a few miles to the north. I wanted to express a few thoughts about last week and my time in North Carolina and West Virginia. 

Coming out of South Carolina, I was hoping Charlotte would be a little easier. Being a big city and seeing plenty of activity on the CL, I was confident as I settled into a local motel. I was better prepared mentally I think as I started scanning the job list. I think I am finally getting into a more settled frame of mind after a dozen or more gigs. I'm learning as I go to let the process work it's self out and not let the pressure get me too stressed out.

Even though it took me two days to eventually find a job in Carolina, I managed to stay upbeat and calm during the wait. I went to the nearby movie theater and even hung around a mall, just to distract my mind from the tour. And it paid off in the end. Unlike Charleston, Charlotte was a little more fast paced and modern. It reminded me of Dallas a bit. But the southland is still unique in its own way. I was amused by many different things I experienced, but particularly the amount of churches everywhere. And in the Carolinas the church steeples seem to be of great importance. There is so much more to write about the behind the scenes experience, but I will save it for the book.

Now West Virginia came and went so quickly on Sunday and Monday that I really didn't have much of a chance to see anything. I drove up to Morgantown at night, and left the state at sundown the next day. But I still managed to get a glimpse of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the rolling hills of state. So much to see in so little time. I will however have a picture in my mind.

Working with Patrick at the Waterfront hotel was a  great experience and getting to know some of the local people they hired for the day, along with me, was nice. They bought us lunch during our eleven hours on the job and it was good to once again make new friends wherever I go. Local peoples hopes, dreams and concerns are the same everywhere I go, no matter where I visit.

So now on to Virginia! Thanks again for your time and support. Have a great rest of the week. Bye for now. #Yo-Ga-Fla