Jul. 22, 2016


Good afternoon friends,

I write you this evening from the fabulous confines of my cousins Fina and Mark Conde, here in Newport News, Virginia. As I previously mentioned, they have generously opened their home to me, as I look to score my next few gigs from this site. The timing could not have been better for both of us. They are recently moved into the area and were needing some home repairs completed before the rest of their belongings arrive from Tennessee. And the fact that they are family makes it so much sweeter for me. They have made me feel so welcome and comfortable, along with their two kids, Noah and Lilly. 

Unfortunately for me, the first project on the list, a closet expansion, caused me my first injury. A reckless accident just minutes into the day. I'm sure I needed stitches, but I differed. Hopefully it will heal soon.

Mark is active military and cousin Fina is a retired veteran. They have a beautiful place and have big plans for the home in the near future. I will make some time to help them with a new garden area, between gigs, before I depart for New Jersey and New York in a couple of weeks.

My first morning here, on Wednesday  I awoke to the sound of relvey bugles! My first though was these kids sure are hardcore military types, so I jumped right up and made my bed before inspection, or else no chow for this recruit, I thought! As it turned out, it was relvely alright, but not from this house, just the Army fort down the road! We all got a laugh over dinner!

I also received word that my little adventure got a little ink in the Dollar Shave Club newsletter sent out every month to their thousands of members! They have a great section featuring interesting members stories.  I received a nice bump of new followers on my site. Thanks DSC!

I'll be in DC next week, also working on a possible interview with the PBS representative for a bit of air time! I will keep you posted. 

Until my next gig, which I have to start looking now, stay safe my friends, wherever you call home. Thanks for your interest and support.

Good night All!  #Yo-Ga-Fla