Jul. 25, 2016

New steps for Fina

Hello Friends,

I hope all are well and dealing with this heatwave. I have some good news. I write you today from the local McDonalds WIFI lobby. The good news is I have finally got my laptop problems solved, with the help of a local gentleman named Keith S.

I could now go back to writing more full length post and download more pictures and videos to the site. He was able to hook me up with a reasonably priced older model unit. The bad news is my other computer is beyond repair and all the data I have stored is probably lost. As you might have guessed, I found him on Craigslist, in nearby Norfork. We met for the transaction and striked up a nice conversation about life, God and my tour. A very friendly and honest individual, considering his trade. I was a bit leery about buying a used computer on the CL. But everything went well and he was really excited about my adventure. I will add Keith to my growing list of new friends I am making along the way. Thats for all your help Bro!

Meanwhile, my injured hand continues to heal slowly. It's a good thing that I had'nt scored a gig until later today. I will be helping a company with a resedential move in about two hours. Unfortunately the heatwave continues to batter the entire eastern side of the country, including us here in Virginia. I will be well prepared for the heat when I show up this afternoon. It's suppose to be just a short gig and thank God for that! Story to follow on the fifty gigs page.

The other good news is that I already scored my DC gig yesterday and I will head up to the Capital very early in the morning tomorrow to complete it. It might be more than one day of work, Im not sure at this point. I have been there before but it was some twenty five years or so ago. Im looking forward to seeing the sights and taking alot of pics for you. From there I will search Baltimore for my Maryland gig and then shoot to Wilmington for my Deleware stop. After completing those states, I will swing back around here to Newport News to help cousins Fina and Mark with their other home improvement projects, before heading back north again. Im surely glad I was able to stay with them these past few days, while I healed my hand. They're a great family to hangout with, especially young Noah!

So until next time friends, stay tuned. I plan on having a really busy and exciting week or two ahead! Check out some new pictures and videos on the gigs and video pages.

Thanks for your preciuos time and support, bye! #Yo-Ga-Fla