Aug. 10, 2016

Waiting for the phone to ring.

Hello Friends,

I hope all are well. I write you this time from the tri-state area of Wilmington/Philadelphia/New Jersey corridor. I’m sitting in a public library, just a few blocks from Little Italy, in Wilmington, Delaware. I spent all day yesterday and this morning putting out inquiries and communicating with a few posters. Its three o’clock in the afternoon and I still haven’t nailed anything down for tomorrow. I’m not too concerned yet because the ads are plentiful and something is bound to come my way. I put myself in a location where I could end up scoring a gig in either one of these three states, Delaware, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. I want to rack up all three before I head into the New York City area next week.

I thought I had my Pennsylvania job this morning, but it didn’t happen after all. The job was helping someone with a move in nearby Unionville, but after a few weird exchanges via text with the poster, I come to the conclusion that it wasn’t a legitimate posting. I didn’t bother to show up to the location after the guy wouldn’t answer basic questions like, how long he needed me or the physical address of the home. If in fact there was a home. He just kept insisting I go to Unionville, and that was all the information he would divulge. So I just broke off the exchange and ate my Arby’s sandwich for lunch. I don’t have time for any internet scammers!

The weather here is finally a bit more agreeable, although the chances of rain persist throughout the week. I just finally glad to be out of the high humilities of the southern states! Nothing personal guys, I just don’t want any more of that hot, sweaty stuff for a while. I’ve been drenched in perspiration from Texas to Virginia and all points in between, no mas amigos! I spent  last night in a KOA campground, probably one of the best I’ve stayed so far. And the Pennsylvania country side sure is amazingly beautiful this time of year. Just like a living postcard plastered on my windshield. I got a few honks from the locals on their way to work this morning, after I slowed down for the view! Haters!

Well that’s how my day is going today, as I wait for my phone to ring soon with some good news. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you call home. Take care and thanks for your time and support!  #Yo-Ga-Fla