Aug. 14, 2016


Good afternoon friends,

I write you today from the beautiful city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Home of Benjamin Franklin, the Fresh Prince and the Eagles! I hope all are well and resting from a hard worked week or retirement. I drove up yesterday from Delaware and after sleeping at the TA truck stop, I’m sitting here at the local library escaping from the heat.  I did get up early this morning and drove downtown to take some picture before the tourist invaded the most popular attractions. There is so much history here in the city of Brotherly love, and the scenery is just amazing to see.  

I managed to secure a gig already for tomorrow with a local contractor, and I’m scheduled to meet with him early tomorrow. He has multiple projects going and I hope I can help him with a few.  I’m right across the river from New Jersey, so I’m keeping a watch on that CL , hoping I can secure one there as well. Then on to New York City, where I don’t plan to look for work but only visit as a tourist after I complete these two states, hopefully this coming week. I don’t want to drive in the madness of that area or pay the high toll rates they charge. I expect logistics would also be a nightmare with materials and supplies. I plan to secure my N.Y. gig on the return, stopping in Buffalo or Rochester as I head west. So after the Big Apple, I will head for New Haven and Bridgeport, Ct.

I’m getting closer to the half-way point and knocking states out quicker, but the reality of this adventures’ existence comes down to finances. The truth is that my travel, lodging and eating expenses surpass my earnings. I have spent all my savings and emergency funds, despite taking drastic measures, like skipping meals and sleeping in less than desirable locations. Something that I couldn’t have calculated back months ago back home. The problem lies not with the inability to find work but the rate of pay I have to settle for in order to secure most gigs. Not that I haven’t scored some good paying jobs, but they have been too few and far in between. Basically, I’m working as a skilled worker, but getting paid a helper or laborer. So now begins, the real survival portion of my journey.  I’m determined to continue forward, hoping to earn enough money to pay my bills, gas up, and eat. Until I accomplish my goal of fifty states. I plan to see a whole lot more truck stops and campgrounds in the next few months, unless my pay increases here quickly. Its now gut check time, and we'll see what the Johnny Man is made of.

Well friends that is all for now, keep checking my photo page for new pictures and continue to support my journey. You are and have been a great source of encouragement throughout, and I truly thank you for that!

 Have a great weekend! #Yo-Ga-Fla