Sep. 11, 2016


Hello friends,

Wishing everyone is enjoying their weekend. I write you today from a cozy and warm hilltop home in Enfield, NH. After completing my gig about five miles from here, I was invited to stay with some friends from way back, while I search for my next gig in nearby Vermont or Maine.

Charlene and Michael Mehegan were kind enough to let me stay in one of their empty rooms, giving the Johnny Man a much needed rest from the backseat and truck stop quarters that I have been sleeping in for the last five nights. Now Charlene is a former Arizona resident and schoolmate of my sister Angela. They have kept in touch over the years with letters, emails and now social media sites. Charlene was anticipating my arrival and I was fortunate enough to have been able to score my gig here in their home town. The New Hampshire area is beautiful with their lakes and tree covered hills. The region reminds me of the scenery of one of my all-time favorite movies, Last of the Mohicans. I’m just waiting for Magua to jump out of the forest at any moment and force me  into a hand to hand battle over the General’s’ daughter, the lovely Cora! I wish.

But seriously friends, the real battle has been scoring a job in Massachusetts or Maine. I have for over a week now replied to dozens of ads in those two states, with nothing solid to show for it, as of yet. I notice a few trends here in New England that I haven’t seen too much in all the other CL states I’ve travelled in. One, the ads ask for local help only. Two, many require liability insurance, which I don’t carry. Three, there is a great amount of work available here but most of them are full or part time openings, which again excludes me with my on the move tour.

Another thing that I believe is working against me is my 520 area code, and I’ll explain. I have made about half a dozen responses via email for some promising jobs this week, with the poster asking for additional information, such as my phone number or where I live locally. When I send the information back, all communication ceases, and my theory is they are turned off by my Arizona address and phone number. They probably prefer to hire locally and the Gigs guy is left out in the cold. Too bad I feel, for they are missing out on a good and honest skilled worker, regardless of my address. So I have to press on, hoping the right job opens up for me soon. In the mean time I will stay positive and enjoy my time here in the northeast, because there is no returning back this way.

I did have a great day yesterday with the Mehegan’s, starting with a wonderful home cooked breakfast by Charlene. I just about had enough of that McDonalds menu! Then they took me for a small tour of the Enfield area and a really fun canoe trip at the nearby lake Gaston with Michael. It was my first and I enjoyed it tremendously! We then came home as Charlene made some Arizona style green enchiladas and I fired up the stove top with my world famous Spanish rice. A couple of beers later and they couldn’t shut up the Johnny Man! There is nothing better than a good meal and conversation with great friends to end the day, and for me, a break from the sometimes stressful tour. Charlene, who also writes, has her own website and blogs on many self-help topics. ( check it out!

So that is where I am today folks. Only two states away from the halfway point, and fighting for every mile and dollar on my way to #50.

Until next time, have a great rest of the day and thanks for your support! #Yo-Ga-Fla