Sep. 14, 2016

Rhode Island stop.

Good morning friend.

I hope everyone is doing well on this September hump day. I am well, a little stiff from sleeping in my truck at the local TA in East Greenwich, RI. The good news is that I’m on my second day of my Rhode Island gig in Woonsocket. This is my second go round here and I’m glad I got to score a gig this time. It is a painting job on a huge two story home. I stopped briefly at the local McDonalds to grab a stack of hot cakes and to check in with you for a few lines.

Now I’m just one stop away from my halfway mile stone of twenty-five states traveled. So between the remaining two New England states of Maine and Vermont, I will be at that point. Then on to my New York gig, as I head west and zigzag thru the heart of the country, hoping to beat the worst of the cold weather before the real winter sets in.

Physically I’m a bit worn out ( you can see it in my face) but mentally I’m staying positive and strong, trying to enjoy the little things like the scenery and cool weather in this beautiful part of the country. I’m hoping the next twenty-six stops go a little faster and I can finally write my last gig story from Waikiki beach sometime before 2017. That remains to be seen.

Thanks for your support and have a great day! #Yo-Ga-Fla