Oct. 5, 2016


Good morning friends,

I hope all are well on this hump day. I write you this October day from Hamburg, Michigan, just outside of Ann Arbor.

The bad news is that after five days in this beautiful state, I still haven’t been able to secure a gig for the list. The good news for me though, is that I have been rescued from the truck stops by a wonderful family, given room and board, while I continue to search for my gig. On top of that I’ve been put to work in the home refinishing the kitchen cabinets, which allows me to still earn some much needed money. All thanks to my old friend Lorrie H. back home in Tucson, who made contact and arraigned for me to stay with Stacey and Dale here in Hamburg, just by seeing a Facebook gag I posted on Saturday!

What a blessing it has been! This adventure for me just keeps giving at the most critical times it seems. I couldn’t have imagined a better situation to be rescued from, since scoring a job has been difficult in this area. I would still be stuck at the TA, sleeping in my truck, in complete misery. Instead I’ve been treated like a part of the family by this generous couple and their awesome children! Housed, fed and shown the area like if I’m on vacation and not on a working/survival tour. My appreciation from their hospitality and kindness they have extended, on such a short notice, to a complete stranger, can never be repaid. I wake up in a soft, warm bed, still shaking my head in disbelief of my good fortune! I will surely write more about the Russell family when I depart for Ohio, hopefully this weekend.

In the meantime, I will continue to look and hopefully score that elusive job so that I can be able to move forward. I need to get back to finishing these cabinets but I just wanted to check-in and let you know what I was up to. I hope to write you back soon with some even better news!

Have a great day, wherever you call home and thanks for your time and support!  #Yo-Ga-Fla