Oct. 31, 2016


Good morning friends,

I write you this beautiful day from my Motel 6 room in Memphis, Tennessee. I apologize for no writing as of late but I was busy working on my two gigs. Two in less than a week is ideal for me especially since I’m behind with my projection.  I arrived here yesterday and decided to splurge on a motel room to escape from the backseat for a day. I can hardly call a Motel 6 a splurge, but just sleeping on a bed and getting a full night’s sleep does the Johnny Man some good.

I actually slept Saturday night at the Love’s truck stop just south of here in a small town of Senatobia, Ms. I left Starkville late and since I hadn’t decided at that point weather to head to Memphis or Little Rock, I just pulled in for the night at this facility. I figured I could decide in the morning, besides I was really beat from the pergola project. I arrived at 11:30 pm and after setting up my truck I bedded down for the night. At 2 am I was awoken by the sounds of music and people talking, lots of people! I sat up slowly and peeked over the backseat. Apparently I parked right in the middle of the Saturday, late night hangout for all the local kids! It was swarming with cars and people just doing what teenagers do on any given town or city in this country. Guys checking girls and girls wanting to be seen in all their best dress. I figured it was just a harmless gathering that I myself have been part of that scene some forty years ago. Even though I was parked smack in the middle of the crowd of cars and kids no one seemed to care about a weary, lonely traveler. I slid down back to my fetal position but I couldn’t fall back to sleep with all the music and laughter just inches away from my ear. I wasn’t too upset realizing that kids will be kids but I was more concerned about getting some rest for the next day.  After an hour or so the music and the laughter quickly subsided with the sounds of doors slamming and engines starting up. I sat up once again only to see a half a dozen patrol cars clearing out the lot with their p.a. horns and spotlights! Within minutes the entire parking lot was empty except for the gigs mobile and a couple employee cars from the 24 hour restaurant. I was worried for a few minutes thinking the fuzz (cops for you younger ones) would approach and question me. Apparently they noticed my Arizona plates and figured I was just a traveler. That was my Saturday night event in Mississippi.

 So I decided to come up to Memphis and have tentatively set up a moving gig in Arkansas for Tuesday. I almost feel guilty about taking the day off from the dreaded CL list and the daily grind of looking for work, but I have my heart set on making my pilgrimage to one of the most scared and holy of sites on earth: Graceland.

Yes friends, I am a big Elvis fan and had this on my list of must see places. As a baby boomer, I grew up watching Elvis and listening to his music. He was the Justin Bieber of his day, except he had talent. He was a bit before my time and when he died in 1977 (I was fifteen) he was already past his prime. But to me and many others he was the original rock n roll King! I never got to see him perform in person but I remember seeing footage of the ladies reaction when they were in his presence, usually accompanied with drools and fainting spells. Just ask your grandmas!

I’m also thrilled about the weather and the forecast for the month of November. The experts are predicting a warmer than usual fall for a lot of the places that I still have to visit on my route. With many more truck stops on the horizon I have been a little concerned about the cold. It also encourages folks to continue posting work on the CL as long as the weather is agreeable.  

That’s all for today friends now I will get ready for my Elvis tour this afternoon. I also remind you to see the new pictures I continue to download on the gigs album #2 page. Thank you for your precious time and enthusiastic support! Have a great day!    #Yo-Ga-Fla!

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