Nov. 10, 2016


Hello friends,

 I hope you are enjoying your day wherever it is you call home this Thursday morning.

 I am in the small town of East Troy, Wisconsin, writing you from the tiny public library. I am somewhat stuck in the area between Milwaukee to the east and Madison to the west.  I thought I had a landscaping gig already set up for today in Beloit, just south of Janesville but the poster cancelled my 8:30 appointment, claiming that her husband nixed the project due to the high cost of materials. I then jumped back on the CL to find something else. I put inquires in both the Madison and Milwaukee areas, so I sit here waiting to see which one might pan out and then proceed in that direction. I have few precious resources available so my only choice stay put and hope something comes through in the next day or two.   

I feel good about finding something soon and then heading north to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The weather continues to be agreeable and my spirits are high despite my tired soul. I can almost see the end of the road in my mind’s eye with only 17 more stops left on the list. I had originally predicted only 6-8 months on the road thinking I would be back in the AZ by the first of December at the very latest.  Not going to happen. There have been a few things that I miss calculated, time being the utmost. My latest forecast is to reach Honolulu, my last stop by the first week of January 2017!  My forty-ninth stop is San Francisco with my son Anthony and the grandkids and I plan to stay there a few days before completing the list of fifty in Hawaii.  But there is still plenty more miles to go and plenty of cold weather to come I believe before I can start to plan on being in California and Waikiki beaches! It doesn’t hurt to dream about it though, and that’s what I do during the road, down time and between gigs.

I have also noticed via the social networks and news feeds on my phone the reactions to the presidential election results because I don’t get to watch too much television on the road. There was bound to be a hangover on either side that lost, understandably so with so much passion on each camp. I share my web pages frequently on Facebook, Twitter and even on Google to try to distract my friends and family, if only for a while, from so much emotional turmoil invested with political issues. I hope my siblings who have been so distracted with the presidential campaign remember they have a brother somewhere in America waiting for a call or text to lift his spirits up every now and then!

Okay that was my rant for the week; I had to get that off my chest! Now I have to go back on the CL because ads pop up at any moment. Have a great rest of the day and thanks for checking in with the Johnny Man!   #Yo-Ga-Fla