Nov. 14, 2016


Hello friends,

Happy Monday to you all! I write you from the warm and sweet smelling confines of a Dunkin Donuts shop in Madison, Wisconsin.  I’m here enjoying a few hundred munchkins and coffee before I start the work day. I’m really grateful for yet another wonderful opportunity to work for a magnificent individual on my pathway to my fifty state goal. You’ll have to read all about it on the gigs page once I’m done either tomorrow or the next day.   

After my last post on Thursday from a lonely rural library, an hour had not even passed when I got the call for this job some 80 miles away. My quiet desperation turned to joy, as it normally does now, when it became a reality. I pulled in the nearest gas station, bought a bag of chips, a bottle of water and chased the sunset all the way to Madison, blasting my favorite Mexican playlist and stopping to take pictures along the way!

The job itself is a bit complicated and hard on the body but the warmer weather continues to serve me well. I will leave here exhausted but energized for Minnesota, my next stop. I don’t have a gig there yet obviously but my gigs friend Patrick, from my West Virginia job, and I have been in contact since then and he has arraigned for some supplemental work for me while I secure that elusive gig in the Minneapolis area. That is one the most outstanding features of this adventure, people like Patrick who I only met for a few hours in one on the shortest gigs on the tour, would take so much interest in what I’m doing that he has gone out of his way to make my journey some much easier for me. Especially now six months in the trip when I feel my body struggling every day to keep up the energy level. On top of that he has also invited me to stay at his home some two hours north of the metro as I head to North Dakota next week! That’s one invitation that I will certainty accept with much pleasure and gratitude.

But first things first friend, I have to go now and finish up with Amadeus and Wisconsin. The donuts and caffeine are kicking in now so I have to let you go now! Have a great week and be safe where you may be. Thanks for checking-in and for supporting your local gigs guy.   #Yo-Ga-Fla