Dec. 17, 2016


Good morning friends,

Happy Saturday to all wherever you call home this frosty fall day. I write you from Lee’s Summit, a suburb just southeast of Kansas city. I’m fortunate to have been accepted into yet another couple of families in the area. I arrived from Iowa needing to score a job in the Kansas side of K.C. and through the Facebook connections of Beth Day in Des Moines, I landed with her friend Kevin E.  in Parkville for a couple of days. Now i'm in her other friends home working on a punch list for Keith and Jennifer B. while I continue to search for that elusive Jayhawk gig on the other side of the river.

It has been both tough and frustrating for me as the days go by and nothing has come about with my countless inquires and phone calls. There is a good amount of activity in the area for job seekers but somehow I haven’t been able to land not even the smallest gig available. As I see the weather forecast get worst and the winter approaches and my bank account shrink each day that goes by without work, the stress and anxiety build inside. I didn’t plan nor did I imagine back in May that I would still be in the Midwestern part of the country in early December. There are a lot of things I missed calculated about my journey in hindsight but I knew that the weather would affect my job search to some degree and it has. Most of the posting are for full or part time openings both which I don’t qualify for and the holiday rush seems to be the source of a lot of openings. The small, short gigs have mostly dried up for now as people in this part of the country hunker down for the winter month which leaves me out in the cold, literally. Thank God for the good people who continue to take interest in my adventure and open their hearts and homes to help out a traveling stranger.

I will go on pressing forward despite the current challenges and setbacks. I can see the end near and stopping now would be ashame. I hope to check back with you soon with some better news!

Have a great weekend, stay warm and safe and thanks for your support. #Yo-Ga-Fla