Feb. 13, 2017


Hello friends

 Happy Monday evening to all from Union City in beautiful northern California. I write you this late hour with a lot of effort and difficulty as I fight off the fatigue and exhaustion. The good news is if you read my fifty gig list I completed my California job last week. I am fortunate to be here with my family eating better and resting after months on the road. I also landed another job in Los Gatos helping with a remodeling job since Saturday that I haven’t have the time or energy to sit behind the laptop and check in with you. It will takes weeks for me to get back to a normal physical functioning level I believe, but here in the comfort of my sons home I can at least escape for the elements, truck stops and libraries and catch up on some sleep and protein.

Truth be told friends I was getting so worn out these last few weeks as I continued on that I was at times experiencing sudden black outs and dizzy spells due I believe to the stress, diet and road miles. I knew that once I arrived here that the worse of the tour would be over; knock on wood of course! I planned it this way all along, which is being here with only my flight states remaining. I am working now to save money for my Alaska and Hawaiian tickets and currently working on a plan to fly to complete Nevada in Las Vegas, which I didn’t complete the first time around in May.

Once I complete those trips I will be able to drive south to Arizona stopping only in Los Angeles to visit my L.A. cousins for a couple of days before finally rolling back home to Tucson sometime in March. That is the closest I can calculate my arrival; bear in mind that my predictions have been way off from the start! My plan for Juneau is a four to five day stay, hoping I can pull a rabbit out of the hat with a gig in that short amount of time but realistically I don’t have the resources to hold put for very long there.  Hawaii will be different not just because of the weather but because I have friends there and supplemental work waiting for me, since I’ll need money to get back to the mainland. It will also be hard to leave to sandy warm beaches and cold frozen drinks as well!

I suppose it feels like my journey is sort of winding down at this point and my body surely wants a break from all the fun but this is only part two of three of my plan. Planning of course was the first stage with the research, web building and media buzz six months in the making before I launched in early May. Followed by the past nine and a half months and counting of the actual road tour as you have witnessed. But once I get home and rest a few days then stage three will begin as I compose all the data, pictures and stories complied from the journey and attempt to translate my adventure into a fact filled, personal perspective and excitingly interesting read for you folks, with far more in-depth stories and experiences that I saved for the book. I also will be working hard to find the right publishing company, one that can capture the essence of our journey together. I will keep you abreast with that part of the story as it develops in the coming weeks.

Well friends good night for now I have to get up early for work, so I will depart for the air mattress in the living room for the night, boy I sure am going to miss those truck stop parking lots!

Have a great week and thanks for checking in!  #Yo-Ga-Fla.