Feb. 27, 2017


Hello friends,

I hope all are well this Monday night wherever you may be. I’m doing well myself after a good days work. I’m glad the weather finally cleared up earlier this week and that I was able to put in a few days of work in. The good news is that I finally booked my flight to Anchorage, Alaska. I will be flying out of San Francisco on the 9th of March and returning the 14th. I haven’t figured out yet my accommodations but I do have a contact person there, a friend of a friend thing and like most of my adventure; I’ll be winging it for the most part.

 It will be a little scary since I won’t have my truck and most of my tools with me so finding a job or any gig will be a challenge. Getting around will also be tricky without my gigs mobile so I guess I will have to use the bus system or my Uber app. I don’t have money to rent a car and being unfamiliar with the area might put me at a disadvantage for finding work. I also am leery of the weather conditions this time of year so it will certainatley be a super unknown stop for me, but I wouldn’t have any other way! Otherwise I’m really excited about the prospect of going to that part of the world, a place that most people consider one of the most beautiful places in North America.  In the meantime I’m working on earning as much money as I can to make the stay as successful as possible.

I’m also flying out to Nevada this weekend to complete my gig there in Las Vegas. A cross-country trip wouldn’t be complete without Sin City on the list! I was looking to the Reno/Lake Tahoe just three hours from here but after looking for a couple of weeks now on the CL the job situation is weak. Then the opportunity for Vegas opened up today and I jumped at the chance to go, leaving only Hawaii as the last remaining state I haven’t visited yet on the list.

Meanwhile I continue to stay here with my son and his family. I had yesterday off so I rose early to beat the traffic going into the big city across the bay to take some pictures of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. It was a beautiful morning to sightsee, something I rarely have had a chance to do for most of the tour, one of the advantages of staying with family. The San Francisco peninsula is one of my favorite cities to visit and one of the most scenic places to photograph. It has everything to delight the senses when it’s not raining; Mountains, ocean, coastline, skyline, and architecture and a vastly diverse culture and history. The restaurants, museums and shopping districts are awesome from one end of the bay to the other, Oakland, Napa, San Jose and Santa Cruz just to mention a few popular towns just an hour away by car or rail. There is so much more to see and do if you ever visit but unfortunately for me I’m just on a working tour and I have to save all my money to be able to complete my journey this time around but you can bet I’ll be back soon!

On another bit of news friends I received an email from a nationally syndicated radio travel show asking if I would be interested in an interview for their audience of 1.5 million listeners nationwide! I of course was thrilled and agreed to do the spot with a chance to tell my story to a wider audience, other than you of course. I will be recording the interview on March the 12th and it will be airing on the 18th. I will fill you in on the exact time as it approaches. This is the link if you want to check it out: http://rudymaxa.com/

I also had an interview last night with my oldest grandson Isaiah as part of his homework assignment. I was happy to help him with his project and the timing was just right for both of us. He needed to interview any family member that might be an immigrant from another country and I happen to be here on my tour. Being a Mexican immigrant from Nogales, Sonora since I was 14 months qualified me for the spot and we sat down and recorded the ten or so questions he had to ask a person like me to share with the class later. The only problem was most of the questions pertained to a person who recollected their prior life in their homeland which proved to be difficult for me since I was just a toddler when I crawled through the tunnel with the rest of my family. Just kidding! It was a treat to share with him my past and his heritage something he knew very little of.

Well friends thanks for checking in and I hope you understand my delay with a full working schedule now in progress. I will check in again later this week probably from Nevada somewhere! I truly appreciate your loyal following and hope to have a good story all the way to the end. Have a good night and be safe!   #Yo-Ga-Fla