Mar. 24, 2017


Hello friends,

I hope all are well this Friday morning. I write you once again from my temporary home base here in Union City California with my son and his family. I’ve been here a few weeks now working as I used the opportunity to fly to Nevada and Alaska this past month and now I’m preparing for my final flight to Honolulu in three days.

As you know I have to work and pay my bills like most normal folks so I was fortunate to find a steady gig with a wonderful family in the beautiful community of Los Gatos near San Jose. Lynn and her husband Gary have been gracious enough to allow me the flexibility to conduct my tour to these other states and still hold open a spot for me in their working arrangements. They own a nice spread and have kept me busy working on various projects including an unfortunate storm damaged apartment they rent out. It has been a nightmare situation for them and many others in the area who suffered from last month record rain fall and floods. They have been just amazingly friendly and patient despite the hardship they are still enduring with insurance companies and contractors. I will write more about these fine folks when I finally depart for Arizona in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been battling a severe cold these past few days once again and I know it’s my weak immune system that by now is defenseless against any bug do to my exhaustion and fatigue. I will say that compared to the condition I arrived from the northwest states last month it is an improvement. Still I’ve been experiencing dizzy spells and numbness in my arm and legs at times and just feel weak and worn out every day even though I’ve been eating and sleeping better as of late. But I know my body well and only weeks of rest and getting back to my normal diet and exercise will help me feel normal again. Weeks of rest: I doubt that will happen!

I have looked back a bit to the last ten plus months on the road and never thought this journey would take me as long as it has. I’m sure when I arrive in Tucson and sit down and review my log entries, journals and hundreds of pictures and videos I have gathered that the impact of my adventure will really hit me. I might even shed a tear or two reliving all the wonderful and difficult things I experienced along the way. But the time for that is not yet and my last official stop is days away! I look forward to the warm waters of the North Shore of Oahu where I will be staying and swimming. I plan to take plenty of pictures and use the opportunity to thanks the multitude of people who have helped and supported my dream adventure with a video thank you card! If you have a Facebook book or Instagram account, feel free to send a request if you like (Juanjohn Bayardo). I post regularly with pics and videos, much more than this site allows.

Well friends thanks for checking in and enjoy the rest of your day and weekend. I greatly appreciate your support and interest in my adventure, and for that I thank you for the bottom of my heart J  #Yo-Ga-Fla