Apr. 25, 2017


Hello friends,
I’m glad to be writing you this day from my sister’s home where I’ll be making my stand for a few months while I get back on my feet again after my long journey on the road. I hope all are well wherever you call home.
I actually spent the day yesterday in the hospital recovering from a small skin irritation that affected me in almost fifty percent of my body. I developed a rash back in L.A. last week and it seemed to go away after a day but came back with avengence this weekend. I also was suffering from a bit of exhaustion from the road and they saw fit to hook me up to a IV cocktail for the day. I feel better now after two days of treatment and my immune system seems to be back on the upswing after months of feeling drained from the stress. Well that’s enough about me and I should be glad I reached home and my loved ones safe and in one piece!
I want to give you a few stats about the journey and tell you the plans I have in mind the next few weeks concerning the Gigs tour. I’ve been busy with a newspaper interview and today a recorded a local television interview which will air tomorrow. I’m happy for the buzz as my community followed me from the start and are thrilled by my return.
After all stats were completed I ended up traveling fifty states plus the District of Columbia.
I drove 34,394 miles, flew 12,276 to Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii.
I worked 62 jobs in 48 states.
I was on tour for 349 days.
I slept 189 nights in my truck.
I went through 2 computers and two cell phones.
Two flat tires and one set of bearings.
Two Kidney stones.
Two colds and one flu bug.
Two serious hand injuries.
And one rash!
I of course have more stats for the book that I will explain in more detail.
Now I will began the sorting through the half dozen or so publishing companies I’ve been in contact with for months. I will began writing about my adventure next week and plan to be busy with that for a few weeks. I think I could have it complete by the summer and plan to have it available in both print and e-book. I’m really excited to get started while it’s still fresh in my mind and the interest is current.
I also wanted to tell you about an idea I have been thinking about for months. I have an idea for extending the tour in a photo gallery setting. I’ve been looking into creating a gallery here in the downtown district or near by. I believe I could create a walk through sort of display duplicating my adventure with the hundreds of pictures and some of the momentous I collected along the way this past year. And at the same time writing my book along the way. I hope to be able to share my journey with my community, bringing it home to them as it were. I realize it would be a difficult endeavor put I have no doubt that I can pull it off. That being said friends I plan on starting a fundraising campaign to help with the start-up costs. I will keep you posted on that project as it developed in the next few weeks.
I wanted to thank you my website friends and followers for all your encouraging emails and comments through out the year and for checking in frequently and consistently. It was so heartwarming and humbling to know so many good people exist everywhere on this planet and so many of you took the time to show interest my adventure. I lovingly once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have another tour in the works for 2018 and hope you once again find it interesting as you did this one!
I will check in soon with up dates and news of the publishing process. Take care and good night!