May. 28, 2017


Hello friends.

Good morning from Oro Valley, Az. just north of Tucson, I hope all are well this Memorial weekend. I write you from the comfort of a nice weekend getaway I scored with an old contact of mine. I agreed to do a few repairs on this condo in exchange for a few days of RnR. I jumped at the opportunity to get some rest and quality writing time for my story.

The heat here in my hometown is getting to it's normal summer pattern and I'm still playing catch up with my body. Working in 100 plus degrees is not easy, but all I have to do is remember the horrible southern and eastern humidity I experienced last summer on my tour, and then it doesn't seem so bad. I've been staying busy with work, mostly from all my old contacts and friends and some new ones I've made locally, due to my media coverage. 

I'm still, after having arrived six weeks ago, haven't been able to feel my old self yet. I suppose I'm trying to rush things a bit, not accepting that my year on the road will take longer to recover, especically at 55 years of age. My doctor ordered blood work done this week, just to make sure my kidneys and liver are working fine. Based on the simptums I've been experiencing for months now, I guess it is worth checking out every possible aspect.

I'm well into the flow of writing my book now and I'm surprised how quickly and vividly memories come to me like it was just yesterday that I was working these gigs. It's a good thing for me since one of the great tragadies of my journey was losing my journal of forty-two states I had compiled along the way. It was a log of my thoughts, feelings and personal assessments​ of the people and places I was experiencing at that particular place or time. Thought and emotions I didn't share on this site or any others, saving them for just the purpose of composing the final story. I was totally crushed and bummed out for days, kicking myself for being so careless with such an important item. I used to carry it with my every where and I believe I left it somewhere in Idaho at a coffee shop or restaurant I stopped at. Or maybe I just dropped it somewhere or it fell out of my truck, since I was constantly switching stuff around in my make shift moblie home. I called the couple of the places I thought I might've lost it at, but I never recovered it, unfortunately for me I did not wirte my contact information in it. 

How could I ever relive or duplicate those thoughts and feelings I was experiencing at that particular moment or place? I lamented for days,  I had to start another one with just seven stops remaining. But now with the help of this site and just reliving each stop as they occurred, I have been able to pull those files from my memory a lot easier than I predicted. And so I will continue to plug away with my book for now with the documentation I have avialible.

I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for checking in, talk to you soon!