Jul. 3, 2017


Hello firends,

Happy 4th of July to you, wherever you call home this holiday weekend. I hope all are well and resting for a few days at least. I am busy as ever now that most all of my freinds and old clients know I'm back home.

Last week I wrote you and said my old Ford work truck caugth fire and left me stranded. Luckly I still had the always reliable Gigs mobile to utilize for work and getting me around. Well, I regret to inform you that my luck ran out last Tuesday morning, as I was heading to work with my faithful assistant, cousin Mike. What I didn't suffer through almost 12 months on the road, came crashing to a grinding halt, thanks to a seventeen year old road hog in nearby Oro Valley,who I rear ended after he intentionally stopped in the middle of the road.

The good news is all persons involved were safe and free from injuries, except for my beloved Chevy Avalanche, the Gigs mobile! The damage was not as severve as the impact we experianced, but now it's up to the Gieco claims adjuster to determine the fate of the truck. It saddens me deeply to think that I might lose my partner, home and helper, if they rule the truck totaled. It may sound silly I suppose, but I had grown very attached to the vehicle that had been to and seen so much of this great country, thanks to my tour.

I asked alot of this 12 year old truck, and it came through for me in so many different ways. For twelve months and over 34k miles. I ran it, as you know, through extreem heat, humidity and cold. Snow and ice covered highways as well as mountains and valley roads. I slept in it for over 189 nights, ate, and even used it as a restroom, when it was well below freezing on many a nights on my advennture. If it could talk, the tales it would tell. Listening to me sing along to my playlist at the top of my lungs, endlessly talking to myself in times of stress, joy and boredom. Hearing me snoring in the back seat or screaming at the radio when I could'nt find a station in the middle of nowhere. My plans for truck were to retire it as it is, and keep it forever as a reminder of my journey, as tangible evidence of a trek I took by myself for one year of my life. Something I could show my kids and grandkids long after I would retire from this planet. I'm still waiting for the final outcome at any hour, so I'll keep you posted!

As far as my diet goes, my processed meat free diet, I have just begun my second week and I have thus far lost 5 lbs. I actually feel better after every meal and even my sleep is more sound. It's still early on to get too excited, but this is the first time in my life that I can remember going a week with out beef pork or chicken. Lots of veggies, fruits and nuts have filled my week so far, and I hope it doesn't get old, before I lose my targeted 25 pounds. I'll keep you posted on that project as it progresses.

Well friends, now I have to get back to my other writing, so once again I thank you for your interest and support. Be careful this holiday and enjoy the benifits of living in this country!