Jul. 9, 2017


Hello friends,

thanks for checking on this Monday evening and I hope all are doing fine. I myself am resting after a long day of working on a remodel. I've started my third week there, in an Oro Valley home, doing an assortment of trades. The job is a good size gig that will go along way to help pay for my publishing cost in a few weeks.

I also worked a few hours at the home of Mary Ann and John Jacobs, working off a debt I owe Ann, who is a professional proof reader here in Tucson. She contacted me after my newspapaer article in May, and we met a few days later at a local coffee shop. She was thrilled about my story and offered to proof read my gigs book once I complete it, in exchange for some home improvement work. In the meantime, I asked her to P.R. my two other completed manuscripts, 'The Crossing' and 'The Crossword', to make ready for publication later this year! She found both my writing interesting and can't wait to start on the, 'Gigs Acrossamerica: first 25' edition. Mary Ann is a wonderful person, and I'm so glad I got to meet her. She has already given me a few pointers reguarding my wrting skills and is happy to be part of my continued journey to get published.

I also recieved good news from my accident with the Gigs moblie from my carrier Geico. After nine days of being in limbo concerning the status of the vehicle, the adjuster ordered my beloved truck to be repaired. I was hoping they wouldn't deem it a total and tow it away to the local junk yard, after it had preformed so valiantly for fifty plus states. It will take a few days to complete the repairs, so in the meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the free rental the little green lizard set me up with for the duration!

As for other new, I continue to hold fast to my meatless diet. I started my third week today, and so far I have only lost 6 lbs, but I feel better each day I lay down to sleep. I really haven't missed the cow, chicken and pig meals I've been skipping, and my digestive system feels so much better after each meal. I don't know how long I will continue to follow this diet, but I'll decide once I lose 19 more pounds and my target goal of 25 big ones. People I originally told about my plan have already noticed the difference, although most of them thought I was crazy to even try it. Coincidentally, they are same people who thought my crosscountry tour was just a crazy idea too! I'll keep you posted.

The rain finally started to fall here in Southern Arizona today. This is our summer rain season, and after only an inch and a half of rain all year, we were due a good soaking. Even the desert needs water every once in a while, especially the plants and critters.

I continue to write my story every evening and enjoy the memories it brings to mind. Sometimes I miss being on the road, but the excitment of completing the story and being able to share it with many more people keeps me driven and focused on this, the third stage of my project. I'm ready to send my book cover ideas to my friend Yolie, the artist, so she can start to design the cover and have it ready for when the editing is complete in September.

Until next week friends, stay safe and positive wherever you call home. Thanks for your loyal support and encouragement.