Jul. 25, 2017


Hello friends,

Happy Tuesday, I hope all are well and safe, wherever you call home. I myself am doing well, except for the continuing saga with my Gigs mobile. I'm so sorry for the delay with my update, but I did'nt want to write you until the rollercoaster journey ended.   

 After almost a month of back and forth decisions with the status of my truck, Geico insurance finally decided to NOT fix my truck. I had no leverage in the final outcome of my beloved partner of metal and plastic, but the frustrating part of the ordeal, was not being informed of the decisions by the claims adjuster. I was given a rental truck, which was great, but the "were notgoing to fix your vehicle,"  only to hear three days later; "Wait, we are going to repair it,"

 Now, as of last Tuesday, they decied to deem it a total loss, except they failed to inform me about it. All this time, I was thinking the truck was being fixed, but it was just sitting in the lot, while I was burning up days with my 30 day rental. Thanks to the lady at the collision center, who gave me a heads up about the status, I was able to call the dude in charge of my case.

 Unfortunately he never resopnded to my calls, messages and text. I was surprised by the lack of feed back and indifference. Yesterday morning a email survey from the company appeared, and I jumped on the chance to really let them have it! With in a couple hours the local rep called me, concerned with my survey. I took the oppurtunity to vent my frustration on her and explain the ordeal of the past 27 days. She promptly got on the phone, while I was on hold, and contacted everybody involved with my claim. Before the day was over, she straightened out to mess and took some names to the wood shed with her!

 The sad news is that it will not be repaired, thus bringing to a tragic end the Gigs icon. I'm feeling a bit low, and almost shed a tear last night when I went to empty my personal items out of it. The truck still has a lien, and the banks now holds possesion. I had planned on keeping it forever, as tangible evidence of my adventure, but now it will only remain visible in dozens of pictures and videos I recored on my journey, and of course, in my memory. R.I.P my firend.

 That's all for today folks, I will be checking in soon with updates from my book and diet program. Thanks for your support and time!