Jul. 31, 2017


Hello friends,

greeting from wet and soggy Arizona, hoping to find you cool and safe this Monday evening. I am doing well, thanks for wondering. The rains in the desert have been historic and the green stuff that most of you consider a bother, is a beautiful sight here in Tucson!

 Now that the dust has settled with my gig mobile issues, I can finally move forward with other important things, like working on my book. I hadn't stop writing, but the time I had to devote to it suffered, with all the distractions of the past month. Insurance claims reps, including dealing with adjusters on the phone, court appointments and collision center personel, took an enormous amount of time from my days. Coupled with the huge job I had just started when the accident occurred, it left me with precious little time and energy to spend behind this computer.

 The good news is I'm just as determined to complete it this summer, and now I can refocus and hammer out a few more states, with the light workload scheduled these next couple of weeks. The joy I'm experiancing, as I relive every stop, just makes me feel more excited about sharing my entire story with you soon. At times it almost seems like a dream, a distant and fading memory, the year I spent on the road. But all it takes is a tap on the laptop and the entire journey reappears on my screen and mind. I am so glad that I documented so much information on paper, and of course my this site, to help me bring to life all the stories and people I encountered. Without this information, it would be nearly impossible for an old man like me to be able to recollect eleven and a half worth of locations, conversations and names, of the folks and places I traveled. The hundreds of pictures I took, will also help mold this book in something special, I believe. I can't wait!

 My diet, in case you forgot, has been a mixed bag of results, after five weeks on the regiment. I, as you recall, decided to eliminate all process meat from my diet, including beef, pork, and poultry. I'm proud to say that have done a great job resisting the urge to cheat, and honestly, I dont miss the cows and pigs as much as I thought I would. I have lost a grand total of 8 lbs. and one pant size. I feel better, sleep better and my belt fits looser. The Dr. said I needed to lose 27 lbs. but I believe its a bit much for my body type. I finally joined the local gym last week and feel my strenght getting back to normal as well. I took some before, fat boy pics, for documentation last month, and will share them with you once I get closer to my goal. You might not recognize me!

 I also decided for now, not to purchase another truck or car, choosing instead to fix my old 67' Ford. I found a realiable mechanic on, you guessed it, Craigslist, saved a lot money reparing it from the fire that ruined the carburetor back in June. My plan is to buy a new car with the expected proceeds of my published books this year. One can only dream, right? Until then, I will be rolling around town in my tin can!

 Well friends, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support and encouragement. I know you would expect nothing less than my best effort, when I finally produce my first edition this fall, remembering that good things usaully take more time to truly become great. Take care, and until next week, Adios mi amigos!