Aug. 8, 2017


Hello friends,

 good day to you, hoping you find yourself well this Tuesday evening. I apoligize for the delay, but in truth, the internet service was just reconnected about an hour ago, here at my sister's home. After a two day battle with the provider, she negotiated a truce, securing service for at least another month. The terms of the surrender were well into the hundreds and thus I am able to reach out to you once again. Sorry, too much 'Game of Thrones'!  

 It's amusing to see the total trainwreck a household can become, once the life's blood of our tecnology, the internet, has been servered. As for me, I went almost a year without cable television and after losing my laptop early on in Oklahoma, went three months without a computer on the road, having to write my blog entires on my cellphone. The boys were bummed and my big sista, the 24 hour news hound, felt alone and cut off from the world without her dear Anderson Cooper, and the rest of the CNN brigade. I dont even have a T.V. in my room, choosing to focus solely on writing my book every evening after I get home. So the disruption in service hardly put a dent in my routine, aside from writing you good people.

 Besides the lack of internet the past couple of days, I've been battling a lung infection since this weekend. It started with a little wheezing on Saturday at night, and now has evolved into a full grown hacking cough and lung butter discharge, if you get my drift. I feel fine from the neck up, but the Pharmacy dude said to keep an eye on my condition, and to go see the Doc if things go from bad to worst. I hate to see doctors!

 But the bigger pain in my rump has been and continues to be my vehicle situation. My old 67' truck, which is all I have left, has cost me nearly a cool grand this past week, since I recommissioned it again. The old boy is fifty years old and is ready to retire, as as I'am. I was hoping it could last me at least until the fall, but every day something else is broke and it left me stranded three times last week. Like most tradesmen, my truck is my revenue stream, and without a good, reliable truck, I can't earn any money unless it gets me where I need to be everyday. And it could'nt of happened at a worst time, losing my Gigsmobile, now that the building trades are in high demand. The record rains here in Tucson this past month will also provide a bumper crop of landscaping work soon, and as it stands, I'm not prepared to take on the workload.

 Well friends, that was my week, and I certainly hope your week was better. The world is a tough place to live in and I well know that it could be alot worse. So in conclusion, my petty little problems don't add up to much, realizing that I should be counting my blessing each day! 

 I once again thank you for your continued interest, and loyal support all these months. My book will become a reality this fall and that is the biggest blessing I could ask for! Have a great week and stay safe and cool.