Sep. 19, 2017


 Hello Friends,

 greetings once again from sunny Tucson. I hope you had a great weekend, and are doing well this evening. I'm tied to the news channel with also the latest natural disaster, another earthquake, this time in Mexico City. I have some relatives there, so I am especially interested in the news coming out of the area, so I'll have to cut my blog short tonight.

 It looks like the active hurricane season has now set it's sights on the Carribean area, and Puerto Rico is hours away from getting the burnt of it. I pray all the good people of that fine island can find shelter to escape the rath as well. And with the other recent disaster areas still trying to recover from their own personal bouts with mother nature, it makes the situation even worse for those folks who have been hit once again. The paradise islands are surely taking some lumps.

 On a more positive note, I am days away from completing my first edition! I will be sending it to my proof reader Mary Ann, and while my friend Yolie works on the cover, I'll be setting things up with my Kindle account. The first book will be comprised of the idea and planning stage chapters, and the stories from Arizona to Vermont.The  I00k plus words cover the months of preparations and first five months I traveled. I'm really excited about moving forward with the next 25 stories somtime in the next few weeks, once I take a break from sitting behind this laptop. I decided to share some of the pictures from the good folks who hired me, year to date. A year ago today, I worked for Elisha and Kumiko in Enfield,N.H. Two wonderful, young kids who hired me to do some landscaping on their beautiful lakeside home!

Well friends,barring any setbacks or distractions, it should be completed by the time I write you next week! Take care and be safe wherever you call home. and as always, gracias for the support and encouragement!