Oct. 9, 2017


Hello friends.

Greetings from sunny and still hot Arizona. I hope all are doing well and are relaxing safely, wherever you call home. I'm still waitng for the real fall weather to arrive soon because my tradesman workload is increasing every day, and I'm sick of the blasted heat! My manuscript is off to editing, and the extra money will come in handy for sure, as I plan on gettting my own place soon, and will need to cover some publishing cost.

I'm dreaming of another Hawaii trip in January, so I can relax on the shores of Oahu once again. But before I punch my ticket to Honolulu, I do have a scheduled trip to the Bay area next month to meet my newest grandchild. She is due to arrive on the 17 th of this month, and I can't wait to see my fifth grand baby, and the first girl. I will be sure to post a picture of her as soon as I get there, and you can believe she will be the most spoiled, and over-indulged princess on earth!

 In my last post, I took the oppurtunity voice my opinion concerning the latest shooting in Vegas, and that was a deviation for me. Even though I recieved plenty of positive feed back for my choice words, I felt that events like that affect all of us to some degree. If you have been following me from the start of this journey, you know that staying out of political and social issues has always been my goal, and I believe I have done a pretty good job of that. So if I offended any one with my words, I apoligize.

 Moving on, the picture above represents some of the finest monents in my year long adventure. It was exactly one year ago this day that I spent my last evening in the Russell household. This great family didnt even know I exsisted, nine days prior to my arrival in Michigan! Yet, thanks to a mutal friend in Tucson, they took me in and showed a love, and concern for this traveling stranger, that epitomized the essence of my tour. I would tell you more, but you will have to read all about these fantastic folks, and my awesome experiancewith them in the next edition.

 I will speak to you again next week my friends, until then take care of yourselves, and thank you so much for checking in and for your loyal support. Muchas Gracias!