Oct. 19, 2017


Hello friends,

Happy Thursday to you this hot fall day from Tucson. I apoligize for the delay with my post this week, and I hope your past week was as good as mine. Two signifigant changes in my life occured these past few days, hence the delay with writing you.

 For one, I would like to introduce you to my newest grandchild, Eva! I had mentioned her imminent arrival on my last post, but she decided to show up earlier than the October 17th due date her P.H.D. had her schuduled for. She was born on Saturday the 14th in Hayward, coming in at a healthly 8lbs. 5 ozs. As I had mentioned last week, she is officially the first daughter born to my eldest son Anthony, and his wife, Melina, after four boys. She would be the 24th grandchild born to my parents, who both are now deceased. My mother loved all her grandkids, especially when they were newborns. Now that means that I just have to go to Cali soon, and meet her in person. I can't wait!

 The other change came abruptly and pretty much unplanned for me. I found a place of my own to live in, after staying with my sister Angie since I arrived from my cross-country adventure in May.The oppurtunity opened for me to rent a home just down the street, and I jumped at the chance to have my own space. I am so grateful for my sister's help, going all the way back to the planning stages of the tour, and during my year on the road. She is, and has always been, without a doubt, my biggest supporter in life. She has always watched over and taken care of her little brother, since the Johnny Man was a little pipsqueak. She also took care of my baby girl Kalani during my absence, making sure she was safe and loved. Words cannot due justice for the graditude I feel for the interest and love she has shown me the past fifty plus years of my life. I hope some day soon I can return some of the goodwill back to her for all her help.

 Our mutal friend Yolie, the artist, had sent me the first draft of my book cover. I'm reviewing it now for some possible changes, and hope to have something in the next couple weeks I can post for you to see. I have hundreds of pictures to chose from all over America, so picking the right ones for the cover,and first edition, is difficult. I am trying to move things along as fast as I can, but some things just can't be rushed I suppose. 

 Until next week friends, we'll see what changes life brings in one week in our ever changing world. Stay safe and postive wherever you call home, and thank you as well for your continued support and interest in my life and story! Asta la orta semana amigos!