Oct. 29, 2017


Good evening friends,

 greetings from Tucson this 29th day of October. I hope all are well, and resting wherever you call home. I apoligize for the delay with writing you, but I have a good excuse I believe. 

 This is the longest period between post, since I began writing you in March of 2016. As you know, I moved into my own house about ten days ago, and along with my normal busy schudule of contracting work, I have been busy getting my stuff out of storage and the multidude of boxes and containers I had put away 18 months ago.

 A funny thing happened over the past few days as I set up my home front, with the help of my pet companion Kalani. I could'nt get off the recliner each night after working all day, and unpacking all evening. You see friends, since I first came up with the idea of traveling the country, writing this blog, and eventual book about my journey back in October of 2015, my entire free time has been spent on this adventure. As many of you long time followers know, I spent months planning the tour, then an entire year on the road, and finally the last six months at my sisters home, recovering from an exhausting trip that left me broke and physically and emotionally spent. All the while hammering out the first edition of my book, in a small cramped, living space my sister lovingly provided. 

 I didn't realize how badly my mind and body needed it's own space, until I plopped down on my favorite chair once again. But once I did, I couldnt get off of it the rest of the day. Sleeping out of my comfort zone for a year and a half, especially all those nights I spent in those nasty motels, tents sites, and the back seat of my now departed Gigsmobile, took a toll on me something awful. Obviously there was far more good than bad about my entire experiance, but for a man who has always cherished his sleep, it was quite a challenge to be displaced for so long. So I hope you understand and except my explaination. It has been great just being able to cook in my own kitchen, and shower in my own bathroom again!

 I wanted to share with you the first draft of my book cover currently under design. I have a few adjustments I want to make yet before deciding on the final draft. The second edition will obviously be different than this one, but not too much. I'm really excited about the whole thing coming together soon, and it seems surreal that a passing thought I had exactly two years ago this month, now is closer to becoming a reality. See guys, dreams do come true, even for ordinary guys and gals like us! I will continue the updates, I promise, if I can get my lazy butt off the recliner ever again.

 Just wanted to share a picture of what I was doing exactly one year ago this week in Auburn, Alabama. These two young, handsome, peruvians hired me off the Craigslist to help with a concrete pour at a national park. It was a short two day gig, but I enjoyed their kind nature, and the respectful manner they delt with me. You will read all about that gig in the next edition I'm about to start writing soon.

 Thats all for now, and thanks for checking in. stay safe and positive always!