Nov. 8, 2017


Good morning friends.

Greetings  again from my sunny and cool desert home in Tucson. I hope you are doing fine this 8th day of November, as Kalani and I are. We are enjoying all the comforts and perks that come with having our own space.

 Unfortunately, my time and focus has been pulled away again from my writing, and drawn in by the unending series of tragic mass killings that continue to occur nationwide. I have to admit I probably spend too much time on the news coverage, and caught up with the background stories and profiles. I drove through that area in Texas during my tour, and after traveling the entire lower forty-eight, I realize that no area or setting is immuned to such senseless acts. 

 I don't exactly know what the right answer to these shootings is, not being a gun person myself, but the loss and waste of innocent blood and life is difficult to see. My mother was terrified with weapons of all sorts, and as children, never allowed us to possess any kind of arms. Yet more frustrating to me is the anger, division and endless debates these events create, with the seemingly hardcore supporters on both sides of the issue locked into a uncompromising battle each time the bullets fly. Sadly, the death toll continues to rise, as they fight and bicker over the matter. I'll step off the soapbox now and talk about more upbeat things.

 I'm ready to begin my next edition now that both the first manuscript and cover are being worked on. The first edition covered Arizona to Vermont, and also the idea concept and planning stages I went through to get the tour off the ground. In the second book I will now include a brief bio page on myself, and a section with my time spent in the truck drivers world. I also want to go in deeper into the good and the bad aspects of the Craigslist underbelly that provided me with 90% of my gigs. I hope people will find it as interesting as I did.

 The wheels of the publishing process aren't moving as fast as I wish, but that is mostly due to the my current financial situation, and that is something I can't change at this time. Still I remain positive about it all coming together at the right time for me. It took me fifty some years to become a writer, so I have to continue to be patient. Everything in life has it's time, and my time will arrive at just the correct time I believe!

 I hope you have a great rest of the week, wherever you call home. Thanks for checking-in and for your continued support! It is well appreciated form the bottom of my heart.