Nov. 16, 2017


Greetings friends!

 Happy Saturday morning from from behind my desk in sunny Arizona. I hope all are well this fall day wherever you may be. Here in Tucson you still can't tell its November with all these record tempuratures. The visitors and sun worshippers love it, but I prefer the more cooler temps that usually come with our normal fall conditions. 

 Speaking of normal, I have been trying to find my writing groove now that I began to write my second edition, but I'm struggling a bit due to a couple of circumstances. I don't have any writer's block, for lack of substance, or motivation to complete the second half, I just have been distracted by everyday functions. I analyze everything in life, including my own behavior and patterns, and this is what I figured out.

 I spent over two years planning, preparing, traveling and then writing all about my adventure; and it took alot out of me physically, emotionally and mentally. During the last 16 months I was on the road, and writing the first book, I didn't get to relax and watch television very much. But since I moved into my new place, all I've been doing when I get home from work is exactly that; watch T.V.!

 It's like I'm subconsciously trying to catch up for all the relaxation and tube watching I missed out on for months.To make matters worst, it's now the college football and basketball seasons. There are games on every night on multiple channels, especially my beloved Arizona Wildcats, so getting unglued from my recliner has been a challenge latley. Even Kalani has urged me to get off my rump and get my butt in the office, and my mind on some serious writing! 

 I also have my own kitchen now, and I have been going to town, cooking up all my favorite dishes I missed while I was on the road. So I have been over eating, and once I'm done, then I roll up on the couch, with the intent of just lounging a few minutes, instead of going directly to my office to pound the keys.Next thing I know, it's 11pm and I'm out like a rock. Once again it's almost like my body is playing catch up with myself for all the fatigue and stress I put myself through for so long. I hope to be able to break this pattern in the next few days and get totally focused on the task of writing the next edition. The only bright spot in this funk I'm in is that Iv'e been able to maintain my exercise routine, thus warding off the extra pounds I would be adding on with my nightly buffets!

 I wanted to show you the pictures of the blanket and pillow and good friend Laney handmade for my new grandaughter Eva. She is excellent at her craft and does amazing work with the needle and thread. I can't wait to see Eva for the first time, and hand deliver the blankey in person sometime in December. Thanks Laney for your lovely gift!

 It was a year ago this week I was in Kansas City working on my gig with these fine fellas, liquidating a hotel downtown. It was really cold, and the work was difficult at times, but the experiance was an awesome and memorable one. I actually was hired in Minneapolis by Einar and Patrick, and we drove the 7 hour ride down to Missouri for the gig. Kansas City was neat, but you'll have to read all about my story in the second edition, if I ever get around to writing it! LOl

 Asta la otra amigos y amigas, have a good weekend!