Dec. 6, 2017


Hello friends!

 Greetings from my office on the west side of Tucson, Arizona. I hope you are having a good week, whether at home or work. I myself am doing great, and my faithful, spoiled brat Kalani is doing just fine too.

Yes it does rain here at times, and yesterday the good Lord saw it fit to let the drops fall on our desert city. It's only the second time since August that any measurable moisture has fallen, and as for me, I was happy to see the desert plants, animals and humans get some relief! If you haven't visited, or spent any long period of time in the southwestern deserts, then you can't fathom the feeling of seeing water fall from the sky for the first time in months. I remember last January  when I was in Seattle and Portland on my tour, and it rained almost everyday of my 16 days there. That was the other extreme; I don't know which I prefer.

 Now I'm settled in my routine, working, working-out, and writing, hence the three W's. I continue to run my business, and aside from the fact that like most of us, I need to work to survive, I'm finding more and more difficult to stay motivated. What I really want to do is stay behind this desk and write all day long, as I listen to my favorite tunes! If you have a job you can barley stand, and wish you were doing something you really love, then we understand each other completely. I don't hate what I do, but it has run it's course, and I much rather be hitting the key board for a living. I gave myself ten years to become a successful writer in 2013, and I'm almost half way to my goal, but I'm getting a bit impatient I suppose.

 I enjoy working-out, and have been a regular remeber at the local gyms for 25 years now. I've been in better shape, but that was when I was younger, and more concerned about my appearance. The problem is I also like to eat good, but not always healthy meals, so that presents a dilemma. All the work I do at the gym, sometimes just is offset by my desire to eat terribly, like the BB-Q english ribs I made last night! I decided food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and a washboard/sixpack stomach isn't worth giving up all those yummy donuts and cool ranch Dorito chips!

 My ultimate goal in the near future is to get up each day with a cup of coffee, write, eat, work-out at the gym, eat lunch, write again, walk the doggie, write again, eat dinner, watch T.V., and fall asleep on the computer writing. Then start over again the next day! Notice I didn't include work? I have a few more book ideas on hold, after I complete this second gigs edition, so I could stay busy writing for a good long time. Those are my goals, what are yours?!

 Take care, and thanks for checking in! Asta la otra amigos y amigas.