Feb. 14, 2018


Hello Friends!

Happy lovers day, or as some folks call it, Valentines Day! I hope all are doing good today and are safe and warm wherever you live. The rain is finally falling here in the desert southwest, after months of unseasonable weather. Its been so dry and warm this winter that I longed for the days I was sleeping in my truck in the snow and ice like I was a year ago.

 My daughter Vanessa departed last night after arriving last friday from Las Vegas to stay with me, and to visit her aging grandparents who live here in Tucson as well. She works in Neveda and continues her training to one day soon become a firefighter. I don't get to see her much since she left home 16 years ago, so we make the most of our time together whenever we are reunited. We spent the weekend eating, and hanging out with the rest of the extented family. I enjoyed cooking her some of the favorite meals she ate growing up as my only daugther. We also went out to some of her favorite local eaterys here in town as well. It really felt good to sit and chat hours deep into the night about our past and present lives together, and apart. She is a funny and spirited lady, who unlike her brothers, who are more reserved and shy, doesn't have any trouble expressing her opinion and feelings openly. Does that sound like anyone you know? Haha!

 She had a rough childhood at time, mostly due to her biological mother choosing to be distant and uninvolved in her and her brother's life. She grew up fiercely independant and ambitious, which has helped her as she focuses on her dreams and goals. We have had our differences over the years, but as I have aged and mellowed, and she has matured, we now enjoy a richer and more profound relationship. It makes my heart glad we are now closer than ever, and we are able to communicate about anything. Vanessa has a deep love and respect for me and I can feel it, but she also has a huge love for her brothers, nephews and extented family. I hope to see her alot more often!

 I do had have some news about my book. Unfortunately the news is not too good. MaryAnn my proofreader person, suffered the tragic loss of her own daugther last week, and had to break away from my manuscript for a time, while she deals with the funeral arrangements, and the subsequent grieving process such events cause a person and family. Mary Ann is a wonderful lady, and very excitied about helping me with the gigs story, but unfortunately, death befalls  us all. I will continue to write the second edition, and wish her and her husband John the best through their time of need.

 Let me finish by letting all you St. Valentine's Day participants know that the Hallmark card, flower growers, and chocolate makers got in kahoots about one hundred years ago to create this holiday. It was a brilliant marketing idea that has netted them billions of dollars worldwide, while just a simple rose or "I love you honey" probabaly would have done the trick for most women! As you know, I am still single, but looking for the next Mrs. Gigslady! So in the meantime Kalani will continue to be the benefactor of my affections and steak dinners, until I can replace her with a lady who walks on two legs and is not as hairy. Good thing for me Kalani can't read!

 Thanks for dropping by friends, and thank you for your continued interest and support. We'll get it done someday soon, then on to Australia for 'Gigsdownunder'!