Feb. 25, 2018


Hello friends,

I hope to find you all healthy and warm, wherever you call home. I myself I'm I'm doing well this Sunday evening. After spending time with with my daughter on her recent visit, I was really backed up with work, while still battling a nagging bronchitis that won't end.

 I would like to take a minute and acknowledge the poor folks, young and old, who tragically lost their lives last week in another senseless school massacre. I do not have school-age children anymore, so my heart goes out to those parents who drop their kids off every morning at school or watch the bus take them to class, fearing that they might not ever make it home again. I too have a teenage grandson in California, and I know his parents live with that fear as well. I don't know what the solution is, but I fear that the political divisions it creates, only prolongs any sensible answers needed to bring about change.

 I spent all week doing a variety of things, including painting a house, knocking down a dead 30-foot tree, fixing screens and drywall,  to name a few. My living room ceiling also spring a leak with the the the rains, so I spent this afternoon patching the roof. January is usually slow, due to most folks overspending themselves for the holidays, but things usually cranked up again in February, mostly due to tax refund and warmer weather conditions, at least here in Arizona. But my biggest headache of the week, was my brakes going out on my Toyota Sequoia. Now I could just about build a house, and enjoy every aspect of construction, but I hate working on cars. It is, to be honest, my Achilles heel! I could do a variety of auto repairs, but I just downright hate doing it I took after my father in that aspect, and have paid the price, financially. This time I decided to change the brakes myself, and I spent all day yesterday working on replacing the brake pads. There was one stuck nut, on the rear caliper, and it gave me a world of trouble. I cursed and cussed, in Spanish of course, until I got that damn thing off! With my hand all greasy, and my head pounding with stress and frustration, I decided never to do the work myself. I can't wait to become a successful writer, so I can hire some grease monkey to do the work for me LOL!

 I do not have any news on the book front, I have not heard from Mary Ann. I'm sure she is still dealing with the grieving process associated with the loss of her daughter. There is no time frame for that kind of loss, so I will stay busy in the meantime, with my second edition, as time allows.

 As always friends, stay safe and thank you for checking in with me. I'm still humbled and overjoyed that so many people have continued to follow and support me months after I completed my journey. But as you know, the journey isn't over until I get this manuscript published! Every day comes closer to that goal, so until then have a good week, and I will right you soon.