Apr. 12, 2018


Hello friends,

Greetings and salutations from sunny Tucson! I hope you are all safe and well this Thursday evening. I am doing fine and back to work after hosting my entire immediate family this past week. 

 It is not often my my three kids and I, Anthony, Vanessa and Jonathan, get a chance to be together. As a matter of fact,  the last time we gathered was at my mother's funeral in 2015. Anthony my oldest, drove down from Union City, California with his wife Melina, and thier four kids. Vanessa came from Las Vegas, where she lives, both here to visit their aling grandparents. It is such a joyous occasion for me to have the kids, long with the grand babies here for a visit. Obviously my townehouse isn't big enough to accommodate all the gang, so the kids rented a airbnb just down the street. My son Tony, for short, enjoying cooking just like his dad (me!) so we spent plenty of time eating and cooking. With 3 kids under 5 years old, my daughter-in-law has her hands full most of the day, but my son does a great job helping out! Vanessa is always the life of the party, and loves her brothers and nephews and niece. Johnny, also enjoys seeing his big brother and sister as well! 

 I don't get to see the grand kids often, so it usually takes a day or two for them to warm up to me again, except for the oldest Isaiah. We have a great relationship, and he will be returning back this summer for the third time, to hang out with his grandpa and take a break from his parents. I enjoy spoiling him, along with the little ones every chance I get. I often thought about moving out to the Bay Area, where they live, just to be closer to them as they grow up, but relocating to California is not a very appealing prospect for me at this time. I didn't grow up with my own grand parents near by, so for now it looks like history will just continue to repeat itself until things change in the future. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy seeing them when I can, either here or at their place.

 The kids, like everyone else I know, continue to ask me about my book. They are just as anxious as me to see their dad's story in a book form. I continue to stay positive, letting them know the manuscript is being worked on, and everything in life has its time. No one will be happier for me than my loved ones, along with all my extended family and friends, and of course my  many followers like yourselves on this website! It is all of you combined that give me the inspiration and desire to see this adventure to it's finale and beyond! Until that day arrives my friends, I will continue to write you and thank you for your support and encouragement!