Apr. 20, 2018


Hello friends once again,

Greetings from my home here in Tucson, where I have sat all day and reflective about the past year. I hope you are doing well wherever you call home. My how time does flys when you're  having fun, and this past year has been no exception!

 Yes it is a special day, and I don't mean because it's 420 for all the hippie lettuce smokers! Today I am commemorating the one-year anniversary of my return from my GigsAcross America Tour. After 50 continuous weeks on the road, it was exactly 11 months and 2 weeks that it took me to complete my journey. I posted plenty of pictures on my Facebook page today, and thanked all my friends and followers for their support. I also wish to express my thanks and gratitude for all of you who follow me on this site! It was special year of my life that I planned and spent on the road. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure, filled with remarkable stories, ups and downs, and pleasant surprises. I met so many new friends, and so many of the things I had always dreamed about seen and places I've always wanted to visit. Even now after a year, it still seems unbelievable and dreamlike and some sense. 

 Going over the hundreds of pictures that I took, reading some of my post, and my local media stories on the newspaper and television, gets my blood tingling again with the memories that will last me for a lifetime I believe. I still get asked constantly about my adventure,  and recognized on the streets from time to time. The big question of course now is, when is your book going to come out?

 As my manuscript still sits in the hands of the editor and proofreader, no one is more anxious for it to become a reality and me! I have to say that after spending months recovering physically, and spending a good 5 months writing the first edition, that this publishing process has almost been as arduous and frustrating as my trip was at times. I have always heard many writers say, that publishing their first book was the most difficult thing they ever did, and my experience seems to be no different. They're still exist, at the present time, circumstances beyond my control that have slowed down or hinders the entire process of making the book of reality. But since I have lived my entire life, always an optimist, I have no reason to change the core of who I am now, and continue to have faith that it will all happen at the right time. And it's getting closer and closer as time goes on. In the meantime I will continue to keep on working to survive, writing my second edition, and subsequent books that I have in mind. I enjoy writing, and it brings me great satisfaction, even if at this point only I and a few of my close friends and family know my potential.

 When I started writing back in 2013, I was 51. I gave myself 10 years to transition into a full-time successful writer, and now that I'm 56, I just have to stay the course until my plan of action comes to fruition. I think I have another adventure or two left in me, but they will have to wait until my Gigs books are published. If my body and soul stand up to the test of time, I hope to be blogging and writing you someday from a foreign country or exotic location!

Until then friends, I continue to believe in me as I have all the confidence in the world that I will succeed, God willing. None of us know what's in store for us, or just around the corner in this crazy world we live in, but having confidence in oneself and a firm belief in  what we do, certainly gives us the opportunity and hope of success at whatever our dreams are in life. I never get tired of thanking you, my gratitude and appreciation for your interest is undying and sincere, so once again from the bottom of my heart:  thank you for all your loyal love and support!